Paris Hilton’s Dogs Live In A Two Story Air Conditioned Mansion

The Hilton pets live better than most humans.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

The housing market is a nightmare these days and there is barely any hope in sight. As house pricing goes further and further in the millions, new homebuyers struggle to afford their dream home. The options come to staying with your parents for as long as you can or watching your hard-earned money pay off someone else’s mortgage. It’s tough!

Times get even tougher when you realize that Paris Hilton’s pets live both in the Hilton’s actual mansion and their own two-story Doggy Mansion. It’s gated, has a patio, air conditioner, heat, DESIGNER furniture, and a chandelier. Excuse me as I wipe away my millennial tears.

[instagram url= width=720]

Technically a human can live in it too – we wonder if Paris will rent it out to some of us! We’d live with her doggies too!

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

Her many pets lavish in the rich life in their own home and lounge in Paris’ home too. It’s like having a vacation in a giant’s house – imagine chilling with your 5 friends on a giant bed!

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

Essentially Paris built a giant dollhouse for her pets. Since her actual house is too big to fit in a photo, she uses the doggy mansion for glam shots.

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