Paris Hilton’s Dogs Live In A Two Story Air Conditioned Mansion

The Hilton pets live better than most humans.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

The housing market is a nightmare these days and there is barely any hope in sight. As house pricing goes further and further in the millions, new homebuyers struggle to afford their dream home. The options come to staying with your parents for as long as you can or watching your hard-earned money pay off someone else’s mortgage. It’s tough!

Times get even tougher when you realize that Paris Hilton’s pets live both in the Hilton’s actual mansion and their own two-story Doggy Mansion. It’s gated, has a patio, air conditioner, heat, DESIGNER furniture, and a chandelier. Excuse me as I wipe away my millennial tears.

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Technically a human can live in it too – we wonder if Paris will rent it out to some of us! We’d live with her doggies too!

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

Her many pets lavish in the rich life in their own home and lounge in Paris’ home too. It’s like having a vacation in a giant’s house – imagine chilling with your 5 friends on a giant bed!

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

Essentially Paris built a giant dollhouse for her pets. Since her actual house is too big to fit in a photo, she uses the doggy mansion for glam shots.

Paris Hilton’s socialite status keeps her life fabulous.

Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

It seems as if she keeps adopting more and more pets to tote around for her day-to-day errands. They’re usually hand held and have fur that matches with her accessories. #ThatsHot

Credit: Instagram / @diamondbabyx

One of her most recent additions is her teacup Chihuahua Diamond Baby X. This tiny baby is worth more than a pretty penny and fits in all of Paris’ handbags.

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

We can’t accuse Paris of using her pets as accessories. Their amazing doggy mansion and spectacular treatment, constant social media updates, and their days with Paris show that Paris loves them all!

Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

Just look at all their happy faces! AND they’re allowed on the bed. Those sheets are not bargain brand, my friends. These pets are special and they know it.

Other than spoiling her pets, Paris is still living her socialite life to the fullest.

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

She and her new beau, Chris Zyka, seem to be attached to the hip. Zyka even wears a hat with Paris’ name on it. #Goals.

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

According to Internet gossip and her PDA-filled photos, Paris thinks Zyka is the “one”. We hope they do get married, that wedding would be fab. Plus, she can probably get a discount at any Hilton hotel in the world.

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

The couple took a break from being the best pet parents ever and went to Burning Man. When you’re young and in love, you’re just 1000x more in love in the desert with other people! #MadMaxPrequel

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

Because with Paris Hilton, she can’t live the “simple life” as proved on The Simple Life. This princess goes all out with everything – you can see it in her clothes, her love, and her dogs!

Paris is the queen of taking “hate” in stride.

Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

On National Dog Day, she took various memes the Internet made of her and shared it on her Instagram. We guess anything with Paris’ face on it is hot.

Credit: Instagram/ @lvcifers_revenge

She also notices awesome meme pages like @lvcifers_revenge that feature her photos for memes. It’s heart warming that she knows how to laugh at herself!

Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

Nothing in Paris’ life is less than fabulous. And she isn’t ashamed. We can’t say she doesn’t love her dogs or else they wouldn’t live in a mansion with a perfectly manicured lawn.

Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

Plus, Paris reached out to the Internet to find reliable rescues to support pets who were misplaced in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. No pet is left behind if Paris has a role in it!