Riquel Olander Of We Are Heroes Crew Has The Fluffiest Family

Her partner James McNeiece of The Voice keeps giving her dogs to love!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @weareheroescrew

We Are Heroes wins all the points from us at Get Leashed for being the first all women group to win MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. The whole crew even appeared in a music video with Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston! One member of the crew has our attention because of her adorable family. Riquel Olander is the fur mommy of two adorable pups – both gifts from her partner James McNeiece.

Credit: Instagram / @rorijay

James McNeiece is a contestant on another competitive reality show, The Voice. He surprised Riquel with an adorable Pomsky puppy named Rori Jay for Christmas!

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

The family then grew to be a family of four just last month. James brought little RomioJax home – a teacup Pomeranian!

Credit: Instagram / @romiojax

And now these competitive people are now in competition to be the cutest little family ever. Good choice, James, very fluffy puppers!

Apparently Riquel was never a dog person …

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

That was until she met her bundle of joy Rori Jay. Rori Jay was the fluffiest baby girl ever and she got to match with her mommy all the time!

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

Rori Jay went everywhere with her paw-rents. Good thing she’s part husky – she does well in the wild and in all sorts of weather.

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

The little family took Rori Jay out on hikes and she followed loyally like a little cotton ball. To be quite honest, Riquel and James probably just held her anyways because she was so compact!

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

But like all babies, Rori grew up to be a big fluffy pupper. Still, her paw-rents found every opportunity to pick her up.

Riquel soon learned that one dog is never enough.

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

That’s when RomioJax came to live with the family. Baby boy Romio fit right in with Rori Jay and their parents. He even got to Beverly Hills with Riquel!

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

Like any family tradition, RomioJax joined in on the walks in the park and when he couldn’t keep up, James and Riquel just scooped him up.

[instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BYmwHh4h2cS/ width=720]

RomioJax and Rori Jay even went viral recently. Romio proved to be too eager to get his treat and Rori tried to patiently get him to sit. Puppies just need a little more patience!

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

These two fur babies are so close that they even got their head tilts synchronized! How could you leave those precious faces?

Riquel juggles being a dancer and a judge for shows like World Of Dance.

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

Riquel appeared as a guest judge for Hip Hop International China. At home, she judges for World of Dance as well as performs.

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

Living near Beverly Hills gives Riquel special opportunities to meet amazing woman like her. Here she is with makeup maven Anastasia of Anastasia Beverly Hills. #GirlWin

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

Then she gets to go home to cuddle with her man and her fluffy puppies. Who wouldn’t want to cover those faces with kisses!

Credit: Instagram / @riequelolander

Riquel is a beautiful dancer, talented judge, and an amazing fur mom. Shout out to Riquel and all of her success and her beautiful family!