10 Adorable Pictures Of Pets Sleeping Anywhere But In Their Bed

No matter what bed you buy them, they will find their own spots

By Catalina Barrios

Have you ever purchased an expensive pet bed, only for your furry one to not use it?

Do you like to sleep? Do you enjoy taking a nap? I wake up very early and go to bed very late; usually when I get home from work I take a nap on my couch as I know if I take a nap in my bed I won’t wake up until next day. For me what matters is falling asleep somewhere comfortable like a sofa, bed or reclining chair.

Credit: Instagram / @samsonthedood

Animals enjoy sleeping too. Some of them sleep a lot while others not so much. For example, chipmunks sleep for 15 hours, horses for 3 hours and bats can sleep up to 20 times a day. Being a cute animal can be a very exhausting task for them, which must be the reason why they need their daily naps.

Credit: Instagram / @loki.thesamoyed

As you scroll through these pictures (or if you have a pet at home) you will see the last place animals choose to take a nap is their bed. Pretty much they can sleep anywhere!

Credit: Instagram / @sunnysidegoldens

Let us know which one you think is the sleepiest one. I love #9, I totally identify with him.

1. Shoes

Credit: People’s Pets

What an adorable picture! You won’t leave without your furry friend. Next time you are looking for your dog, remember he may be laying by your favorite shoes.

2. How is this chair comfortable?

Credit: BarkPost

Dogs can definitely sleep anywhere they want even if it doesn’t seem comfortable. I wonder how the can sleep in this position … In this picture, the chair is his best friend.

3. The Cutest Stack

Credit: Oxyfresh

These two prove that cats and dogs can get along. Instead of sleeping in their own comfy beds, both chose to sleep outside as long as they were close to each other. #bestfriends

4. Superman

Credit: Daily Treat

I believe I can fly! What could he be dreaming about? Or could he be stretching? My stretching skills are not as good as his. It must be a challenge to find a bed big enough for a Bernese. 

5. By The Window

Michael Deneault
Credit: People’s Pets / Michael Deneault

What a great way of getting some sun while enjoying a relaxing and comforting nap, don’t you think?

What is your favorite place to fall asleep? I love taking a nap in my parent’s hammock.

6. Too Bright

Credit: Imgur / mvvvzev

Please turn off the lights. It’s too bright. The cutest picture of this cat covering his eyes. He will do anything to fall asleep.

7. Clothes Rack

Credit: ViralTalks

What an uncomfortable way of falling asleep. Hopefully he doesn’t wake up with back or leg pain. This picture proves pets can take a nap in the most unimaginable places. 

8. Where Is My Food?

Credit: Baton

This is what could happen after waiting so long for your delicious and well deserved meal. No pillow, no blanket, no problem. 

 9. For The Love Of Books…

Florida University - tumblr
Credit: Tumblr / Florida International University

This is what happens when you read too much. Nothing like preparing for an exam. This is my face the after many hours of studying.  

10. Musical Canine

 Daily Shout Times
Credit: Daily Shout Times

I love this dog. There is no doubt he loves music. Music runs in his family. This guitar case is a very creative and unique place for falling asleep.

Credit: Instagram / @hlee2433

Share this article with fellow pet owners. Let us know what has been the most funny and interesting place you have seen your pet asleep.

Credit: Reddit

Don’t forget to take photos! We love to see what your silly pets are up to!