5 Firefighting Dogs Who Will Always Be Remembered

These canine heroes deserve to be recognized

By Catalina Barrios
Some heroes have four legs.

Who do you admire? Who is your hero? Someone who I will always admire and who has a very special place in my heart is my grandma or, “abuelita”. She always thought about others first and enjoyed helping those in need. She never stopped and I always wondered why she didn’t get tired. Even though she was always on the go, she always had time for me, and time to watch our favorite soap opera.

As much as I admire my grandma, I also admire those who risk their lives to save others. We see these heroes recognized on the news but there are other heroes who also deserve to be recognized; these saviors are the firefighting dogs.

The stories of the following “furry heroes” will capture your heart. Which one is your favorite?

1. Murphy

Credit: Metro UK

This adorable Cocker Spaniel has been part of London’s Fire Brigade since 2013. Murphy played a a crucial role during the massive apartment fire tragedy in London last June. Murphy and long time fire services employee, Mick Boyle, looked for accelerants in London’s Grenfell Tower.

Boyle join the fire investigation team in 1997 and was one of the brigade’s first dog handlers.

Credit: Twitter / @LondonFire

Murphy wore these cute boots to protect his paws from sharp items and debris. Doesn’t he look adorable?

2. Molly

Credit: Durham Region 

This beautiful Dalmatian was adopted in 2012 from the Virginia SPCA by the Whitby Fire and Emergency Services. She is used as a public education and fire prevention dog. She enjoys promoting fire safety to kids, people with special needs, and seniors.

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