Rachel And Her Service Dog Mozart Are Disney Cast Members!

One-year-old Mozart the Golden has graduated college and has a job – what have you done?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

What looks just like a girl hanging out with her Golden Retriever is actually a girl with a chronic invisible illness and her sixth service dog! Rachel battles with Chronic Lyme Disease and needs a service dog to ensure she can get the help she needs as soon as possible. Rachel started her Instagram to showcase her participation in New Horizons Service Dogs’ program of raising puppies to train them as service dogs. Five years ago she started her feed and has since gained over 35 thousand followers. Her current service dog, Mozart, is her sixth service pup!

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

This cute pupper does more than just wake Rachel up with a smile, but is trained to keep his eye on her for signs of distress. With her illness, Mozart stays by her side no matter what.

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

He keeps her company in one of the busiest places in the world and makes sure that if she needs help, she gets it right away. Plus, he gets to fangirl over his celebrity crush, Pluto!

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

Mozart also knows to act as a therapy dog too when Rachel needs to stay in the hospital. Having a dog stay by your side makes your bad days a little brighter.

Rachel gets a puppy at 8 weeks and starts training them right away.

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

Puppies start socializing at low traffic areas for short periods of time to get used to people. Sometimes they practice simple commands like stay and learn how to keep their eyes on their person without getting distracted.

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

But since they’re still puppies, they got their free time, naps, and lots of food to grow big and strong. Mozart frolicked the days away in his baby pool.

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

He had giant goals to reach. All of his training led him to becoming a Disney Cast Member! How amazing!

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

He and Rachel both became cast members at Disney World and are super excited to get their careers started. Mozart gets to spend all his time with all the Disney dogs!

Before he was a cast member, Mozart just trained regularly at Disney World.

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

Rachel made sure that Mozart grew accustomed to the crowds and noise. That just meant that the two were able to visit all the parks!

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

Mozart gets to enjoy all the iconic features of Disney World. He even gets to sit on the statue with ol’ Roy Disney and Minnie. #win

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

Being a part of the Disney community is the perfect role for Mozart. MoMo is a happy ray of sunshine and looks adorable in Mickey ears.

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

In his first year, he’s an expert at all the parks at Disney World. Ask him for anything and he can lead you if he has the time.

As Mozart’s time with Rachel comes to an end, he has a lot to show for it!

raising_liberty2Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

Mozart and Rachel are both Liberty University graduates. He even walked the stage to get Rachel’s diploma!

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

He’s a real life Dug because he loves everyone and just wants everyone to be happy! How could you resist this face without smiling?

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

The Dug at Disney World better watch out because Mozart is gunning for his spot! Hopefully Disney jobs don’t have a high turnover or else he might just get his job.

Credit: Instagram / @raising_liberty

It might seem difficult to train a service puppy to only give them up, but Rachel loves all of her puppies. Plus, she gets to see her puppies go on to fulfill their roles as helpful puppers who save lives!

To follow Rachel and her training puppies, follow her on Instagram @raising_liberty!