YouTuber Laurdiy Absolutely Loves All Things Puppies

She’s living the good life – Internet career, cute boyfriend, and even cuter puppies.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki AKA LaurDIY is originally from Toronto and has over 6 million subscribers on her channel. On Instagram Lauren has over 3 million followers and posts photos of her brightly colored life, wonderful boyfriend, and just recently her new puppy @MooseTheMiniBully! Before Moose, Lauren regularly visited and featured all of her friends’ dogs like @GuppyThePug and @RilaTheShiba. Lauren lives in LA now and spends all her time making videos and spending time with her boyfriend Alex Burriss of Wassabi Productions.

Credit: Instagram / @moosetheminibully

Little Moosie Bear, as Lauren and Alex affectionately call him, is a mini American Bull Terrier who is mostly nose and ears. He even as a heart shaped nose! Too cute!

Credit: Instagram / @alexwassabi

Alex loves Moosie too and proudly showed the puppy to his 3 million followers on Instagram. Who wouldn’t be excited to have such a cute pup?

Credit: Instagram / @alexwassabi

Alex is another giant of YouTube and his channel Wassabi Productions has over 9 million followers. Both he and Lauren spend quality time with a lot of dogs – including Mr. Guppy The Pug!

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