YouTuber Laurdiy Absolutely Loves All Things Puppies

She’s living the good life – Internet career, cute boyfriend, and even cuter puppies.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee
Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki AKA LaurDIY is originally from Toronto and has over 6 million subscribers on her channel. On Instagram Lauren has over 3 million followers and posts photos of her brightly colored life, wonderful boyfriend, and just recently her new puppy @MooseTheMiniBully! Before Moose, Lauren regularly visited and featured all of her friends’ dogs like @GuppyThePug and @RilaTheShiba. Lauren lives in LA now and spends all her time making videos and spending time with her boyfriend Alex Burriss of Wassabi Productions.

Credit: Instagram / @moosetheminibully

Little Moosie Bear, as Lauren and Alex affectionately call him, is a mini American Bull Terrier who is mostly nose and ears. He even as a heart shaped nose! Too cute!

Credit: Instagram / @alexwassabi

Alex loves Moosie too and proudly showed the puppy to his 3 million followers on Instagram. Who wouldn’t be excited to have such a cute pup?

Credit: Instagram / @alexwassabi

Alex is another giant of YouTube and his channel Wassabi Productions has over 9 million followers. Both he and Lauren spend quality time with a lot of dogs – including Mr. Guppy The Pug!

These two have mastered the YouTube career and regularly upload content almost every day!

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

But every spare moment is an opportunity for Lauren to cuddle with her baby Moosie. He is apparently very receptive to kisses and loves to give them back!

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

Lauren is a skilled puppy cuddler and has practicing as early as she could remember. When Guppy was a puppy, she held him as close as she could! Pugs are hard to contain!

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

Guppy is much bigger than his chicken nugget puppy days and Lauren still knows how to hold him in a way where he won’t wriggle away to chase a squirrel.

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

When you’ve been practicing dog whispering since you could talk, it’s no surprise when all the doggies come to you! The treats are irrelevant!

Lauren wasted no time introducing Moosie to LA life!

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

In LA it’s always sunny and you live in summer clothes all year round. Plus, you have awesome patio furniture to soak up the sun and play with your puppy.

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

But when you have the opportunity to go back home to Toronto, Ontario, you take it to discover Ontario and let your dog practice his swimming skills.

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

We don’t think Moosie even knows where he is and he doesn’t care. The center of his world is Lauren and he loves her!

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

When you’ve got a mom who loves you that much, it’s hard to care about anything else. #MoosieAndLaurenFOREVER!

Lauren proves that having a puppy is a staple in the millennial life.

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

When you’re young, in love, and successful on the Internet, having a puppy is the cherry on top. It’s a definite change from the regular 9-5 and living in the suburbs!

Credit: Instagram / @moosetheminibully

YouTubers shine a light on the different opportunities people can have by sharing their lives and skills on the Internet. Plus, if you have a puppy, dog lovers will be definite fans.

Credit: Instagram / @laurdiy

Not only do you get amazing dog content on Lauren’s channel, you also learn new things too! She’s a do-it-yourself kind of girl and you can be like her!

Credit: Instagram / @guppythepug

And dogs, once again, prove that they are amazing and adorable. They bring people together and we can’t thank puppies enough!!