10 Incredible Heartwarming Animal Photos From Hurricane Harvey

The human and animal spirit in a time of disaster is truly amazing

By Catalina Barrios

Scott Helmer

Credit: Scott Helmer

One of the many memories I had with my grandma or how I called “abuelita’, was as a teenager spending my summer with her in Orlando. My parents used to send my sister and I to Orlando during the summer so we could improve our English.

I remember every August was Hurricane season in Florida. It was very scary. We used to sit down with my “abuelita” in the living room lighting up a candle and with a small box beside us. My abuelita used to say that if we had to run away seeking for shelter we will take the small box with us. It had our passports and IDs.

I think this summer has been among the worst Hurricane seasons of all time. Hurricane Harvey in Texas has taken the lives of over 70 people and left thousands without their home. Just seeing the pictures and videos online breaks my heart.

Rescue efforts are underway in Texas as thousands of residents are trying to re-build their lives. In many cases, as you will see in the following pictures, the ones needing help were our beloved and loyal friends, our pets.

 The following are some of the most heartwarming rescue pictures I have seen so far. Let us know which ones impacted you the most.

1. Naomi Cotto 

People Magazine

Credit: People Magazine

Naomi Cotto carried her dog as she had to evacuate her home. He may have been heavy for her, but her priority was ensuring her best friend and her were both safe.

2. Joe Garcia and Heidi

The Atlantic

Credit: The Atlantic

Hurricane survivor, Joe Garcia, fled his home with his dog Heidi. It will be a long road ahead for him but he feels blessed having his dog by his side.

3. Frankie and Bear


Credit: Instagram / @edlavacnn 

Frankie & Bear were found sitting in a boat. During the evacuation their family wasn’t allowed to bring the dogs to the rescue boats. They thought it was the best decision to put them in a boat temporarily until someone could find them and rescue them. They will be reconnecting with their owners very soon.

4. Otis the Scavenger

Tiele Dockens

Credit: Facebook / Tiele Dockens

This photo went viral. This is Otis, a fighter German Shepherd mix, who was seen walking on the street after the storm and carrying a bag of dog food. It is said that maybe the storm scared Otis, he ran through the screen door and ran away in Sifton, Texas. Thankfully his human found him and they are reunited!

5. Debris Kitty

The Atlantic2

Credit: The Atlantic

It breaks my heart seeing pictures like this one. This cat walks through the debris left by the effects of Hurricane Harvey in Rockport Texas. All he cared about was finding his humans. Thankfully a neighbor in the area took him in and provided him with food and fresh water.

6. Telephone Dog


Credit: Twitter / @shawnWTVM9

You never know when you will receive help, especially from a stranger. This dog tied to a telephone phone in Texas was thankfully rescued by a photographer. Authorities warned residents that leaving dogs and other pets tied up to elements will result in an arrest.

7. Doggy Needs A Helpful Hand

Jess Hernandez-facebook

Credit: Facebook / Jess Hernandez

This poor dog was asking for help and luckily residents came to her rescue, as she was found about to fall from a rail.

8. Marine Veteran Horse

89.3 KPCC

Credit: 89.3 KPCC

Marine Veterans AKA saviors rescue a horse from the floodwater in Orange, Texas. Natural disaster affect large animals, too.

9. Marine Corps Rescue Chained Doggo


Credit: India Today

Another brave rescue. While some may assume leaving an animal tied is a good idea in the hopes of them being rescued, it actually puts the animal in greater danger in many cases.

10. Steve and Otis

Huffington Post

Credit: Huffington Post

Steve Culver cries with his dog Otis and says Hurricane Harvey has been the most terrifying event in his life. Sadly, the hurricane destroyed most of the home he shared with his wife and his dog.


Credit: Instagram / @muttnation

Want to help? You can donate to Texas native Miranda Lambert’s foundation, the MuttNation Foundation. If you want to adopt a dog there’s a list of rescued dogs who need homes on her website here!