10 Pupfluencers You Didn’t Know Were Rescues

These stars prove you don’t need to be from a breeder to become internet famous

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Instagram / @muppetsrevenge

Social Media has been a phenomenon since its creation. It’s been a great tool for staying in contact with family and friends as well as be in the know on what are celebrities up to. It has also served as a communication and breaking news tool for knowing what is happening around the world.

Over the past couple of years we have seen a wonderful, unexpected arise on the Internet: more and more animals are becoming celebrities. They have thousands and even millions of followers and their owners enjoy pampering them as new found “stars”. 


Credit: Instagram / @iamlilbub

Something makes these pet “celebrities” different is that they are all rescued. Their owners enjoy posting pictures of their adventures with their loyal and unconditional friends, and even use their large audience to promote rescues and animal adoption. Maybe it’s finally time for you to start your pet’s Instagram account!

Let us know which one is your favorite. It is hard to pick only one. #6 is part of a celebrity “rescue” dogs family.

1. Gus and Alfie


Credit: Instagram / @ifitwags

These adorable dogs also known as the Pointer Brothers are very popular and adventurous. They are rescued dogs living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Steph, their owner, enjoys posting pictures of her adventures with her dogs. Their Instagram account has about 240,000 followers! What a wonderful second chance these brothers lucked into.

2. Toast 


Credit: Instagram / @toastmeetsworld

She is too cute, how could someone have abandoned her? Thankfully, she was rescued and lives with a beautiful family. Toast has no teeth and her tongue always hangs out. Toast was rescued from a Puppy Mill, which are cruel operations that over-breed the mothers and fathers and then discard them without caring for their health or happiness. With 378, 000 followers, it’s clear to see the internet has a lot of love for this once forgotten pup. #adoptarescuedog

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