Viner Turned Instagram Star Nate Garner’s Best Friend Is His Golden Boy

Together they’re two golden boys shining a light in their followers’ hearts!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

10 years ago, I would imagine being a 20 year old just meant finding a job that is way better than retail and pertinent to your schooling. 10 years ago, 20 year olds still had access to flip phones and just started going on Facebook and if they were really lucky – BBM! Selfies were still a matter of standing in front of a mirror with your camera phone. There were any selfie sticks or Instagram filters to worry about.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

Now, young people all over the world have access to the Internet and that means access to each other. In it’s short, life the Vine app paved the way for Viners to gain followers after posting only six seconds of content.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

It separated them from YouTubers because the editing and directing was rid of hours of cutting, but added the pressure to be entertaining in a short amount of time.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

What people can brush off as “killing the attention span of our young people” actually creates a new generation of people who can have to pay close attention to detail in their content.

Thus brings us the “Internet-famous” youth of our day.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

Nate Garner, 20, started his Internet career on Vine in 2014. Like any attractive boy on the Internet, Garner gained some “Stans”* like the Beatles or One Direction fans.

*Stans – new Internet term alluding to Eminem’s song “Stan” aka diehard fans.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

His faithful followers helped him maintain his presence online and he now has over 3 million followers on Instagram page alone.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

Wilhelimina Models LA signed Nate Garner in 2015 and he has since gained more followers for his charming good looks.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

But what we’re interested isn’t his “unconventional” path to fame, but his adorable Golden Retriever Max Garner!

With both Max and Nate in photos, your heart could just explode.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

What Nate Stan wouldn’t want to trade places with either of them? But these two look perfectly content with each other and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

For Max’s first birthday, Nate covered his apartment with dog treats for him! Talk about a spoiled and loved pup!


Credit: Instagram / @iammaxgarner

When you’re an Internet star and model, you get a lot more time spent with your fur baby than when you have to go to an office 9-5. These two are lucky to have each other!


Credit: Instagram / @iammaxgarner

Together, these two Golden boys steal hearts all over the world. It might have something to do with their special attention they pay to the bodies. More junk food for Max means more tummy to rub!

Mr. Max Garner has over 35 thousand followers on Instagram!


Credit: Instagram / @iammaxgarner

Max probably would’ve made it on his own on the Internet because he’s just so cute and happy. There’s a reason why Goldens are so popular.


Credit: Instagram / @iammaxgarner

And Max sure loves his food. Anything left within mouth’s reach is in danger of being snatched. He has no regrets when it comes to stealing food. It’s all worth it!


Credit: Instagram / @iammaxgarner

Max, however, has to learn how to share his spotlight with other Garner pets. Max and the bunny had a rough start and had to make amends with each other.


Credit: Instagram / @ iamnategarner

But for Nate, Max is all love and sloppy wet kisses. These two are proof that nothing can really come in between a boy and his dog!