Gotzon Mantuliz And His Gorgeous Weimaraner Noa Are The Perfect Pair

We promise that their relationship will warm your heart!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

As it seems that during this past year, the the world is collapsing – literally and politically – before our eyes, we need dogspiration now more than ever. Why not go to the root of dog love? Dogs are known to be man’s (and woman’s) best friend and that’s exactly what Noa the Weimaraner is to her human, Gotzon Mantuliz. 99% of their photos are of the two cuddling in one way or another and it makes our hearts smile! To see a dog makes your day, but seeing a dog and her human love each other this much makes your week!


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Gotzon and Noa live in beautiful Bilbao, Spain. Gotzon is a man who appreciates the beauty in nature and animals and shares every moment with Noa.


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

With every chance they get, they explore the beautiful gem that is Spain. They make sure to share with their 95+thousand followers on Instagram every place they visit.


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Like the saying, “It’s not about the destination. It’s about the journey”, it doesn’t really matter where Gotzon and Noa go, as long as they’re together.

But the destinations  never cease to amaze.


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

These two make sure to seize every opportunity to make the best of their trips. Everything about this photo is so beautiful and we really mean EVERYTHING. ?


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

You’re not meeting your truest potential with your relationship with your dog if your dog doesn’t look at you like you’re the crazy one at least sometimes.

“Human, you are upside down for no good reason! Stop this nonsense.”


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Having a dog with you on your adventures means that you can see things from her perspective. Noa probably something jump and Gotzon is only pretending to notice!


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

But the perk of having a human means that when the climb is too difficult, your human got your back! Well, technically, you have his back. #win

There are people who dream of finding a partner to travel the world with.


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Little do they know that they could just adopt that partner! It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. You might not have a traditional double-income, but there are definitely perks to adopting your travel buddy.


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Instead of scrambling to find someone to be your wedding date for the night, you can just bring your dog! It’s hard to deny such a gorgeous dog from going to a wedding, right??


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Lazy days on the beach become so much better with your Weimaraner. Noa is warning Gotzon that he might get wrinkles faster by smiling that way!


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Even if they’re not outside having fun, they make do with what they have. That means impromptu piggybacks and sunglasses inside. #PartyAnimals

With or without these adventures, these two have a blast doing just about anything together.


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Who knew climbing under giant rocks on the beach with your dog would look like so much fun? We’re just worried that they saw a giant spider! ?


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Even mundane tasks like shaving are ten times better with your pup! Poor Noa, she looks concerned that he’s really going to shave her fur!


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

But Gotzon loves Noa way too much to actually do that. He’ll just cover in kisses instead. #TrueLove


Credit: Instagram / @gotzonmantuliz

Sometimes all we need to do is appreciate whom we love. In this case, that could be your dog. Make every moment count!