Is This Instagram’s Most Followed Cat?

This popular pussycat has 3.4 million followers and counting

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Instagram / @realgrumpycat

Nope. It’s not Grumpy Cat, who comes in at 2.3 million followers. Sorry Lil Bub, 1.6 million followers is amazing but it isn’t quite enough. Something that is 100% true is that the Internet loves cats.

The kitty we’re talking about is cute, a little chubby, and an adopted former shelter cat…


Credit: Instagram / @iamlilbub

Of course the cat in question is none other than Nala Cat!

As time goes by, Nala becomes more and more popular. She loves doing fun things especially if they are related to climbing in boxes.


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Let’s meet Nala and name all the ways she is a super special cat, worthy of 3.4 million followers’ attention.

1. She is wayyyy too cute


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Nala, a 7 year old Siamese and Tabby mix cat was adopted in 2010 when she was 6 months old by Varisiri Mathachittiphan who said that as soon as she saw Nala, she needed to bring her home.

2. Everything she does or wears is “purrfectly” adorable…


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Varisiri said she loves Disney movies and named her cat after “Nala” after a character from the Lion King. If I ever have a cat I would love her to wear a hat like Nala’s. It will definitely be a cat in style.

3. One of the things she enjoys the most is not toys but…boxes.


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Varisiri started an Instagram account for Nala with the purpose of sharing her pictures with family back home in Thailand. The last thing she imagined was that Nala was going to become so popular.

4. The followers grow, grow and… grow.

Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Varisiri was expecting Nala to have maybe 500 followers but wasn’t thinking she was going to reach 3 million. Nala’s Instagram account has 3.4 million followers and over 5,000 posts.

5. Mommy Love


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Due to Nala’s popularity, Varisiri created the Nala cat store where she sells Nala merchandise including clothes, phone cases, mugs, home decor, and pet apparel. A percentage of each product sold is donated to animal shelters.

6. Peek-a-boo


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Unfortunately, according to Varisiri, many shelters are overpopulated with cats. She adds that if you want to adopt a cat, do it thinking you will take care of them for life and don’t adopt them only because they are cute. Nala’s owners abandoned her because they couldn’t afford taking care of her, and she then developed breathing problems. But now, she lives happily with Varisiri in Los Angeles.

7. She loves her birthday!!


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Please, I want my next birthday cake to be a sushi cake, like Nala’s. I love her face saying: “Mommy, can I have a bigger cake?”. Nala is totally deserving of this celebration. 

8. In The Summer Time She Gets Fancy


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

Doesn’t she look adorable with her summer flower dress? 

9. She always has time for friends


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

You need to be up to date with technology to be an internet sensation like Nala. Thank you, Facetime! 

10. She Grabs Her Pals For Playtime


Credit: Instagram / @nala_cat

There is always time to catch up with friends, even when you’re one of the world’s most famous cats. Whether you’re new to Nala or a devout follower, we hope you enjoyed learning about this insta famous kitty. 

Maybe it’s time your cat got Instagram!