Pumpkin Spiced Puppers Welcome Back Fall

Goodbye summer, hello fall – it’s time for all things pumpkin spiced!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @therealpsl

Fall is literally just around the corner and we don’t know about you, but we’re excited for the season change! Yes, we are sad to see summer go, but with fall comes the light jacket and all the kinds of scarves you can imagine. It’s essentially the comfy time of the year without being held prison in your winter coats. But what everyone is really excited for is pumpkin spiced everything! When the seasons change, so does the Starbucks menu. And we trade our iced teas for our fall-themed lattes.


Credit: Instagram / @mollyomalley.sheltie

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes aka PSL are all the rage and even our pups know about it. They follow us on our morning walks to get our coffee fix and hope for a special treat – puppacino please!


Credit: Instagram / @toller.family

There are also the dogs who perfectly match pumpkin spiced lattes too! Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are the perfect color for fall. We could just eat them up!


Credit: Instagram / @rudythegoodman

If you don’t care what’s in your cup as long as it’s yummy then you probably drink everything iced when it’s cold and everything hot when it’s a heatwave. You never forget about your pup’s needs though. She’ll have her puppacino, but still long for a sip of your drink!

And puppers absolutely love their puppacinos.


Credit: Instagram / @thosetempletoncorgis

These Corgi loaves are representing their love for lattes with their matching bandanas. Frap, iced, latte, it doesn’t matter as long as their humans get their caffeine fix!


Credit: Instagram / @oakleigh_theaussie

Oakland wants more whip cream! She ate so fast that her human has to make sure she slows down. There’s only a little bit left, but all good things must come to an end.


Credit: Instagram / @lonestardoodles

When you get a puppy, it is automatically understood that you will constantly deal with them trying to sniff, lick, and steal all your food and most drinks, too.

While we don’t recommend giving your pup caffeine, they can enjoy canned organic or fresh, cooked pumpkin.


Credit: Instagram / @gwynethdraws

Whether you’re fanatical about PSL or not, there’s no denying its return signals warm feelings of fall. We think Starbucks should change the name to Pugkin Spiced Latte on International Pug Day! (We made it up, but it should be a thing).

But the PSL does more than just introduce fall …


Credit: Instagram / @therealpsl

It’s all about getting into the chilly mood of Halloween! Jack-O-Lanterns, costumes, and spooky stories are all the vibes the PSL want to share.


Credit: Instagram / @letstakeflight23

And oh boy, are our pups ready for Halloween. There’s just something about dogs dressed as pumpkins that make our day. Imagine seeing a tiny pumpkin walking around your house – it’s hilarious.


Credit: Instagram / @victorebulldog

Victor the Bulldog wonders, “When will the children come back from school to get treats?” He just wants to be a part of the joy and get all the pats on Halloween.


Credit: Instagram / @tenncyn

When you love something, sometimes you just have to be it. And this Pug wants to be a latte for Halloween and none of us are going to stop him!

Can’t stop, won’t stop – fall and Halloween lovers unite!


Credit: Instagram / @therealpsl

No need to avoid the black kitty when you’re on your way to get your PSL. They’re there for good luck and hopefully get some pats!


Credit: Instagram / @xombiecakes

We really can’t wait until we see all doggies in their costumes! These little beans are just adorable little pumpkins and they’re the perfect addition to the less lively decorations.


Credit: Instagram / @suddenlyshelton

Grace isn’t sure if his costume will be scary enough to ward off spooky ghosts! It’s all right, Grace, you can stay inside where you can protect your house with all your barks!


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

As you can tell, this was just an excuse to look at adorable puppers drinking lattes / being lattes / and being pumpkins. We hope you enjoyed them and we hope we inspired you to get a fall-themed latte!