The French Bulldog Problem That We Need To Talk About

Yes, they’re cute, but at what cost?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: The Martha Blog

When you search the hashtag #FrenchBulldog on Instagram, you get over 13 million results. That supersedes the 10-million+ results of popular breed Golden Retriever! There’s just something about the sausage like, wrinkly pup with its bat-like ears that everyone loves. Martha Stewart has had four French Bulldogs among her menagerie of pets. The Rock has two of his own. Reese Witherspoon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and even Snoop Dogg all have Frenchies. And when people see these adorable Frenchies, they want a Frenchie!


Credit: Instagram / @lifeofvi

As adorable as they may be (and they really, really are), these Frenchies are creating a huge problem. The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London received an overwhelming amount of unwanted French Bulldogs this year. Why are  people giving up these gorgeous dogs?


Credit: Instagram / @misfitfrenchies

In the same time period last year, Battersea received 11 Frenchies, but this year they received 29. Why this increase?


Credit: Instagram / @operation_sumo

People soon realize the reality of having a French Bulldog involves expensive heathcare to tend to the extreme health problems many Frenchies are born with.

The big goofy smile and giant ears come at a price, and it’s a big one.


Credit: Instagram / @frenchieandthenews

Their foreshortened, yet lovable, faces cause breathing difficulties for your Frenchie. To correct this, it would cost you about $2300 USD!


Credit: Instagram / @barkleysircharles

The amusing grunts, snorts, and snuffs that come from your pet are attempts to breathe and in hot weather, their mouths swell, making it even more difficult.


Credit: Instagram / @barkleysircharles

Not to mention that it would cost you ~$6800 USD to improve their skin, eye, and ear problems. Yes, you love your pet, but can you handle your pet financially?


Credit: Instagram / @piggyandpolly

Thus is the problem that French Bulldogs bring to the table. although it’s not their fault. People who consider getting a Frenchie rarely foresee the expensive care that can come with it, and end up giving their prized Frenchies to shelters.

Then, the burden of treating the unwanted dogs falls on shelters.


Credit: Instagram / @barkleysircharles

The solution to this problem that shelters suggest is to stop buying Frenchies to squash the need to breed more. It not only costs everyone money, but also the welfare of these pups.


Credit: Instagram / @braxthefrenchie

Would you want to disappoint this adorable grumps by dumping him to a shelter? Of course not!


Instagram / @braxthefrenchie

We can’t tell you what to do with your money, but if more people were aware of this problem, people would hopefully be more thoughtful about their adoption process.


Credit: Instagram / @reggierose_thefrenchie

Because the people you see with Frenchies on Instagram probably have the resources to support their dogs if these expensive health issues do arise, and if you’re not ready for that commitment, maybe a French Bulldog may not be for you.

The popularity for this breed is still on the rise and continues to be a detriment to shelters and French Bulldogs.


Credit: Instagram / @piggyandpolly

According to Dogs Trust, French Bulldogs are the most commonly smuggled breed. And according to BBC, they’re a quarter of all puppies seized at the UK border.


Credit: Instagram / @snoopdogg

Snoop Dogg and the other celebrities have enough cash flow to treat their Frenchies right. But should the world be breeding more?


Credit: Instagram / @therock

The Rock has had several movie contracts in the past few years, wrestling, and whatever his fitness brings him. And he only has one French Bulldog!


Credit: Instagram / @frenchiebutt.milo

Before you consider a French Bulldog for yourself or someone else, ask yourself if you would be able to financially handle a possible $10 grand extra for the necessary surgeries.

We love Frenchies, but we need to protect them from abandonment.