These Celebrities Drop Thousands Of Dollars On Their Pets

If you think you spoil your dogs, you should see what these dogs get!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @britneyspears


If money were no object, we’d probably shower our dogs with many more lavish treats much more often. Our pets wouldn’t know what it would be like to fly on a commercial flight since they’d only fly on our private jet. Their life would be full of days at the spa, only brand name accessories, the best dog carriers, and even a private dog butler. Forget about buying a big pack of dog food – your dog would be able to have something different for every meal with only the best organic ingredients.

But, we can only dream of a life where we can spoil our dogs and ourselves. To celebrities, it’s a reality and they take their money and throw it all over their pups!

Here are a few celebrities who will spend anything on their precious dogs!

1. Britney Spears


Credit: Twitter / @IHannahSpears

Pop Princess Britney Spears, now queen arguably, is rumored to have dropped $30 grand on her dogs in 2016! That’s a small mortgage down payment – excuse my home buying reference, but I’m a millennial! I don’t even know what $30 000 looks like.


Credit: Instagram / @britneyspears


Every part of Britney’s life is fabulous and it’s been fabulous since she debuted. They call her lucky because she’s a star (quick, what song is that?), and her most recent project is promoting her new fragrance. She’s still as gorgeous as ever!


Credit: Instagram / @samasghari

Did we mention that this is her boyfriend? Britney Spears has been goals since the 90s and nothing is slowing her down!

But Britney’s spending is just the tip of the iceberg – there are other celebs who spend even more!

2. Mariah Carey


Credit: Instagram / @mariahcarey


When it comes to Mariah Carey, it seems like she’s always doing The Most™. And her dogs are no exception. Her Jack Russell Terriers, Cha Cha and Jill E. Beans get $45 000 worth of SPA treatments!


Credit: Instagram / @mariahcarey

Would you expect anything less from her – she’s surrounded by everything fabulous including Beyoncé! We wish we were casual friends with Beyoncé.


Credit: Instagram / @mariahcarey

Besides spending $2000 a dog for first class seats on an airplane, Mariah spoils her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, every day.


Credit: Instagram / @mariahcarey

Mariah even has an animated movie starring none other than herself! All I Want For Christmas stars herself and even a cartoon version of her Jack Russells!

Love knows no bounds – we’d probably do the same if we had that kind of money!

3. Lady Gaga


Credit: Instagram / @ladygaga


The ever so talented Lady Gaga has not one, but three French Bulldogs. And while we don’t know the exact dollar figure that she spends on her dogs, we can probably guess it’s a lot.


Credit: Instagram / @missasiakinney

When it was her oldest Frenchie’s birthday, Lady Gaga threw an extravagant birthday party with all the balloons you could imagine! This beats the high five I get for my birthday.


Credit: Instagram / @missasiakinney


Besides her adorable little piggies, apparently Lady Gaga spent $60 000 on 27 Koi fish that she important from Japan! It’s nothing but the best for Gaga.


Credit: Instagram / @ladygaga

Like all of us, Lady Gaga spends her hard earned money at Starbucks. Starbucks even created a Gaga inspired Pink Drink for her in support of the BTW Foundation!

We can’t talk about spoiled pets without mentioning this heiress!

4. Paris Hilton


Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

Being an heiress must be exhausting with all the partying and modelling and just ignoring media – as we say that, we are half sarcastic and half in awe with her life.


Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

Paris is known to always have some pets running around, not only in her mansion, but their own mansion. She is also known to spend a whole lot of Benjamins on getting her pets too!


Credit: Instagram / @hiltonpets

Paris had a Doggy Mansion built for the Hilton Pets in her backyard. It’s big enough to fit a few people with its two stories, has air conditioning, a picket fence, and a well-manicured lawn.


Credit: Instagram / @parishilton

If only we could trade lives with Paris for a day. Then we could also get invited to fabulous parties and have at least 5 pets.

If you could, would you spend that much money on your pet?