These Celebrities Drop Thousands Of Dollars On Their Pets

If you think you spoil your dogs, you should see what these dogs get!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @britneyspears


If money were no object, we’d probably shower our dogs with many more lavish treats much more often. Our pets wouldn’t know what it would be like to fly on a commercial flight since they’d only fly on our private jet. Their life would be full of days at the spa, only brand name accessories, the best dog carriers, and even a private dog butler. Forget about buying a big pack of dog food – your dog would be able to have something different for every meal with only the best organic ingredients.

But, we can only dream of a life where we can spoil our dogs and ourselves. To celebrities, it’s a reality and they take their money and throw it all over their pups!

Here are a few celebrities who will spend anything on their precious dogs!

1. Britney Spears


Credit: Twitter / @IHannahSpears

Pop Princess Britney Spears, now queen arguably, is rumored to have dropped $30 grand on her dogs in 2016! That’s a small mortgage down payment – excuse my home buying reference, but I’m a millennial! I don’t even know what $30 000 looks like.


Credit: Instagram / @britneyspears


Every part of Britney’s life is fabulous and it’s been fabulous since she debuted. They call her lucky because she’s a star (quick, what song is that?), and her most recent project is promoting her new fragrance. She’s still as gorgeous as ever!


Credit: Instagram / @samasghari

Did we mention that this is her boyfriend? Britney Spears has been goals since the 90s and nothing is slowing her down!

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