Boston Police Department Install Kitty Condo For Their Swat Cat

Studio apartment with sliding glass doors? Lucky kitty.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: BPDnews

Custom made, personally delivered and free rent and food? Swat Cat is luckier than most millennials.

A stray Calico kitty has been wandering around the Boston Police Department’s Special Weapons and Tactic base since 2013. BPD officers have taken to the cat and affectionately named her Swat Cat and feed her when she’s around.


Credit: BPDnews

15 year veteran, Jamie Pietroski stayed late building this Cat condo for Swat Cat.

The BPD installed the condo on February 10th and Swat Cat moved in right away. She seems to enjoy her little condo that the BPD say has, “a spacious studio interior layout, a large deck for outdoor dining and glass sliding doors offering panoramic city views.” (BPDnews)


Credit: BPDnews

Now Swat Cat doesn’t have to go to them to get her affection, she can just stay in her sweet condo.

For more pictures, check them on out on the BPD news site!