Remi The Frenchie Is All About Destruction

You can’t really leave her alone…

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: @remi__the__frenchie

Get a Frenchie they said. She will be cute they said, and less trouble than a big dog…

When you finally get to bring your dream puppy home, you probably have all kinds of romanticized expectations of the two of you snuggling peacefully together, playing gently, and taking carefree walks.

Well, Remi the Frenchie has a taste for destruction. Keep scrolling and see if this little gal reminds you of anyone in your household.


Credit: @remi__the__frenchie

“This isn’t broken, Mum, it’s perfectly usable, the holes help.”

Ah, the time before the dog, the time when blankets and pillowcases were whole, and free of chew marks.


Credit: @remi__the__frenchie

“Mum, it’s too hot. I don’t even want to destroy my toys.”

Naturally, any reasonable dog owner will turn to toys of all kinds to help their destructive doggo learn what is meant for play. But will it work?


Credit: @remi__the__frenchie

“What do you mean I have something on my face? Everything is fine.”

Even sand must be investigated thoroughly by this girl.


Credit: @remi__the__frenchie

“Uhh…it wasn’t me? I was fighting the thing who destroyed the pillow!”

Even when you catch your dog in the act, it’s really impossible to get upset with them.

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