7 Ways To Protect Your Pet During A Natural Disaster

Pet Owners Need To Be Prepared For Not Only Their Own Safety, But Their Animals’ Too

By Catalina Barrios


The compassion first responders show to animals gives hope.

This summer has been the worst in many years for natural disasters. I remember when I lived in Florida with my abuelita and every summer, mainly in July and August we had to prepared for any of Mother Nature’s surprising visits. I remember buying water and non-perishable food at the grocery stores and also sitting in the living room with my grandma as she had beside her a little box with our IDs and important documents as she said that if we had to evacuate, that box was the first thing we will take.


Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes can happen anytime. Do you now what to do if an emergency occurs?

If you don’t, the following 7 steps will help you to keep your pet safe during an emergency.

1. Prepare an emergency box of supplies.


Don’t forget pet food in this emergency box!

As you pack an emergency kit for your family and yourself, it’s a great idea to also pack one for your pet. This kit should include: a current photo of your pet, first aid supplies, a 3 day supply of cat and / or dog food stored in a waterproof container, toys, leashes, medications, copy of medical records, and why not one of their favorite blankets.

2. Microchip your pet.


This is one of the best ways to ensure if your pet ever gets lost, they will be reunited with you as soon as possible. Make sure you register the microchip with the manufacturer as well as keep your contact information current with the microchip company. A microchip is worth the investment as the last thing you want is to never see your pet again. This is so important.

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