We Want To See The World Like Suki The Bengal Does

This gorgeous Bengal kitty adventures in the great land of Canada!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

When you think of an adventure account, some of the first things that probably come to mind are youthful people, backpacking, mountains, lakes, flowers, and possibly a dog! Dogs are a natural first thought because they usually have so much energy and love sniffing each and every thing in their path. They also don’t hesitate to jump into the water or climb the highest rocks. In contrast to our first thoughts, there are a lot of adventure kitties out there. Yes, adventure cats.

Cats may not be as eager to jump into the water as some doggos, but they will join you in your canoe. They’ll even allow you to put a harness on them so they don’t lose you!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Suki the cat has grown up on adventures since her mommy brought her home in Alberta, Canada. As a tiny kitty that looks pretty jungly, it was as if it was her calling to explore a portion of the vast land that is Canada.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Did we mention that she’s basically a model? Her striking green eyes in contrast to her gorgeous coat will mesmerize you and make you want a Bengal kitty!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Suki is familiar with the lakes and mountains around Banff, Alberta. Every adventure and beautiful day is an opportunity to showcase the breathtaking sights.

She doesn’t even have to go as far as the water to get a good shot.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

She’s been the princess of the wildflowers since before she could stand above them. We don’t know what’s more beautiful, the flowers or her big eyes!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

She is one with nature and they have accepted her as their own! When she grows up, she will be the queen!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Her throne will be anywhere – on a fallen tree, on the warm sand on the beach, or among the flowers – the options are endless.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

While Bengal cats like Suki look like wild leopards, they are in fact very domestic.

Suki and her human spend half their time canoeing.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

It’s a break for their legs, plus they can soak up all the sunshine. It’s so much easier to appreciate nature when you can just cruise through it!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Suki is so adventurous that she takes risks by sitting at the tip of the canoe. But don’t worry, she’s harnessed and attached to her human in case she decides to take a swim.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

After a nice canoe ride, Suki and her human love to sit at the edge of the water appreciating the mountains and fresh, unpolluted air.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Suki’s gorgeous coat goes so well with the beautiful views she sees. It’s hard to know if she outshines the view or if the view outshines her – either way, it’s a close competition!

If you love kitties and the magical views of nature, you’d better follow Suki!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Suki is the guardian of the mountain and she takes her role to heart. You’d better impress her so she’d let you enter.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

If you ever think going outside isn’t worth it, Suki will definitely change your mind. There are just so many things to see when you leave the city.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Suki and her mom will keep going on adventures and documenting just how beautiful Alberta is. We appreciate every photo and Suki’s astronaut backpack!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

For more photos of Suki on her adventures, follow her on Instagram @sukiicat!