Glico The Iggy Just Doesn’t Feel Right Without His Hats

There’s a hat for every occasion and Glico has all of them.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

Some days are hat days and it could be one of those days for a few reasons. Your hair is dirty and/or messy, the hat goes with the outfit, it’s way too sunny and you don’t want to burn your forehead, etc. Thanks to the fashion industry, we have a heck of a lot of variety when we choose our hats with umpteen collections per year. From regular baseball caps to bucket hats to beanies, the hat world is our oyster and we can accessorize as we please. Even more thanks to the dog industry – we can now put tiny hats on our dogs and take a thousand photos of them for everyone else to love.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

And that’s EXACTLY what Glico’s Instagram page is for. He’s got his party hat, his Easter hat, his Christmas hat, his FISH hat – the limit to his hats does not exist.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

But that’s not all, folks, he can also balance things very well on his long, long nose and head. Who says Iggies are weirdly shaped??


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

He also has this weird obsession with these duck thingies that, according to our research, are baseball mascots? We’re not too sure, but Glico has a lot of them and likes to wear them on his head!

Glico’s favorite hats are all animals!


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

If Glico is a fish, then we’re fishes too. In celebration of Finding Dory, Glico donned his Blue Tang hat and modeled for his followers to see.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

Iggy lovers, relax, he didn’t forget his Nemo hat. This Clownfish is definitely all about smooth talking, jokes, and most importantly, not getting lost.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

Easter isn’t Easter unless you put bunny ears on your dog. It’s a rule. Glico loves being a bunny because his natural ears are almost just as pointy!


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

We interrupt your fun browsing of Glico the Iggy and his fun hats for an important message: This is our new DOGTTER – all the cuteness of otters and puppers combined.

Back to the regular program: anything can be a hat if you put it on Glico’s head.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

Protective foam sleeve for your pear? Hat for Glico. Look just how happy he is being an honourable pear.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

Treat? What treat? Glico’s self-control must be applauded, as it seems he is completely ignoring his urges to shake his treat off his head to eat it. Very #fashion.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

We can’t forget about the weird angry rubber duckies. Glico just loves being in their company and wearing them on his head. We really don’t know why.


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

An apple on your head keeps the bad calories out – we don’t think the saying actually goes like that, but we’re pushing it. Glico advocates for healthy snacks!

We didn’t know that we needed Glico and his many hats to make our day, but now we do!


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

Have you ever seen a cuter sleeping ghost headed Iggy? Well, now you have. That is the least scary ghost we’ve ever seen and we know about Casper!


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

Glico doesn’t just wear the nice fish. He wears the shark hat too! But as Finding Nemo taught us, “fish are friends – not food!”


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

You thought you’ve seen enough bunny eared Glico, but you’re wrong! Look at how he rocks any colored bunny ears and how he’s about to pounce and make your day!


Credit: Instagram / @glico.ig

On his birthday, Glico celebrates with all of his inanimate friends. His inanimate friends join him and his favorite accessory by wearing party hats too!

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