The Best Corgis Come In Threes Especially When They’re All Tri-Colored

Once you start, you can’t stop collecting Corgis!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

There’s just something about Corgis and their tiny, stumpy legs and long, sausage bodies. Don’t even get us started on their bunny-like ears and just all-around cuteness. There’s a reason why they’re so popular on the Internet – have you ever seen one trying to go up or down stairs? These doggos are just so silly and are essentially loaves of bread with legs. That’s why when you get one Corgi, it’s hard to stop and you just need to surround yourself with Corgis all the time.


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

These Corgis, Kingsley, Boko, and BMO are all siblings and meet up regularly to play! There’s just something about being related that keep you connected forever.


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

It’s like seeing the same dog in different phases of life, big, medium, and small. You get to love them at all sizes at once!


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

The newest and goofiest Corgi of the trio is tri-colored Corgi Boko! She was born May this year and lives in San Francisco, California!

We’ll get back to adoring Boko in a moment.


Credit: Instagram / @bmocorgi

Let us introduce you to BMO the Corgi (also a tri-colored babe)! He and Boko are actually the same age, but BMO’s a tad bit bigger.


Credit: Instagram / @bmocorgi

Like his siblings, he lives in San Francisco and loves going to the beach! The best part, second to getting sand EVERYWHERE, is soaking up the sun!


Credit: Instagram / @bmocorgi

It’s hard to meet up with your siblings all the time so BMO’s humans got him a giant plush Corgi! They’re essentially twins except one won’t run away from you when he wants to play.


Credit: Instagram / @bmocorgi

But when the siblings do reconvene, it’s all rumble and tumble for these crazy pups. Can you imagine all the yips and the yaps you’d have to endure?

Last, but not least, the King of the trio – Kingsley the Corgi!


Credit: Instagram / @kingsleythecorgi

It is rumoured that during good boy planting season, Kingsley sprung from the beaches of San Francisco and his humans harvested him and brought him home.


Credit: Instagram / @kingsleythecorgi

Soon after, Kingsley was able to meet the other successful harvests, BMO and Boko! They even celebrated Kingsley’s second harvest-day!


Credit: Instagram / @kingsleythecorgi

Kingsley loves his little Corgi siblings and they love him too! It’s hard to say goodbye after a mini-reunion. They’re such a happy family!

We told you we’d get back to Boko the Princess!


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

This little girl sure knows how to make a beautiful Instagram feed. The filters, the colors, and the backgrounds, are all coordinated. We need tips, Boko!


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

Her big, floppy Corgi ears are so extra that her humans can cover her eyes with them. It’s okay, Boko, like every other Corgi, you’ll grow into them!


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

The only way to pose a Corgi puppy is to wait till she’s tired out and then have your way with her tiny little paws! Boko looks very done with her humans and their cameras!


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

Unlike her brother, BMO, Boko is much better at posing for the camera. She celebrated her first Fourth of July proudly wearing her country’s flag!


Credit: Instagram / @boko.corgi

It’s always nice for the Corgis to go back to their homeland – the sandy beaches that grow adorable Corgis! Just kidding! They all have the same Momma Corgi!