Life Of Vi – Summer ’17

Vi Says Goodbye To Her Best Summer Yet

By Rachel Simpson

It wasn’t the warmest, and certainly not the sunniest, but this summer was still an unforgettable one for Violet. What goes into such a summer for a dog? What adventures and events make it stand out so much? Read on and find out.

Up the Creek:

Violet isn’t much of a swimmer, and her paddling skills are even worse, but that didn’t stop her from taking her first ever canoe ride this summer. And once she got her sea legs under her, Violet was ready to head for uncharted waters. Alas, the sweating, huffing and puffing guy manning the oars had other plans.

City Slicker:

Violet’s lived here all her life; she’s a city girl through and through. But there’s plenty to Toronto that she hasn’t seen, hydrants to sniff, pet stores to score treats from. This summer, she made a point of seeing some new sights and bringing her humans with her.

Into the Wild:

Domesticated or not, Violet is still a wild(ish) beast at heart. And she got a chance to channel her inner wild boar this year with a few trips to the country, where she put the great outdoors (especially its constituency of squirrels) on notice.

Flower Girl:

Violet’s humans got married this summer and there was no way they were going to exclude her from the fun. She couldn’t come to the reception, obviously, and the ceremony, what with all those people to jump on, would’ve driven her into a frenzy, but she managed to make it out for photos. And she looked amazing, of course.

Bed Heads:

You can’t have the best summer of your life without getting enough sleep. So when the schedule permitted, Violet did her best to keep everybody in bed; snorting, snuggling, snoring away.

Cool It Now:

Anybody with a Frenchie knows how important, and how difficult, it is to keep them cool. Plenty of water is the obvious solution, and a hosing down in the yard works well. But for Violet, there’s nothing better than a cold treat for beating the heat. Can’t you tell?

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