This Fur Family’s Favorite Breed Is Rescued, But That’s Not All.

They also like to dress up their pets to amuse the Internet.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Some people are adamant about the things that they prefer – pineapple on pizza, dogs or cats, Goldens or Pugs, Apple or Android. These people on the Internet go hard about the things that they prefer and will argue until the late hours of the day with anyone who dares disagree with their choice. What we can’t argue with is the fact that some families don’t have a favorite breed or pet, but love rescuing! If you get really lucky, the pet you fall in love with at the shelter might just be your other favorite breed!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

But this furry family doesn’t just represent the #RescueLife, but shows off just how cute pets can be in costume.


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Yes, we know that animals in costume is not a new phenomenon on the Internet, but it definitely does not get old. The Internet lives for hilarious pet photos.


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

We especially live for pets dressed up like mini people or even dressed up like food. Rosie the doggy doesn’t mind getting dressed up if she’s allowed to sleep comfortably.

The kitties of the family are subjected to a whole lot of costumes. Here are some of our favorites!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Joey, like a lot of people, loves fried delicacies. That’s why Joey loves to dress up like the Colonel of KFC, except due to copyright issues; Joey is the Colonel of KFF. #Loopholes!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Sometimes you have to do the simple thing and just get socks on your pet. Except it’s not the simple thing and you have to fight for at least 10 minutes to get one sock on. They have four feet! That’s 40 minutes!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Other times you have to settle for just a little bow tie and a prop. It’s simple, to the point, and color coordinated. We applaud this photo!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

When your fur babies are sleeping, you must seize the opportunity to get something on their heads! Then you get this photo as a result – super sweet!

The more we look at these photos, the more we want to be a part of this family.


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Just look at Joey, chilling and watching Netflix. Joey doesn’t have to pay for the Netflix, the Internet, or the bed! We want to be Joey! (sobbing emoji)


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Morrison, on the other hand, loves to fall asleep with the Dory he found (hah, get it?). We also want to spend afternoons curled up with our favorite stuffed animal.


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

You know what else we want? We want to be able to wear the same shirt design without judgment! Why can’t we wear a suggestive shirt like this without weird looks?


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Actually, this photo looks like a regular Friday night for me. A big hoodie and some Twisties? Been there, done that.

These kitties know just how to dress up AND dress down.


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Some days it’s all about relaxing and just taking some Me-ow time (yes, that was lame, but we’re keeping it).


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Other days are about rocking the fall turtleneck and ignoring the haters who call you a grandmother! Turtlenecks are back in!!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

Then you have to swallow your pride and serenade the neighboring kitty. Everyone loves a good serenade and adorable fedora!


Credit: Instagram / @my_furry_babies

But Joey knows just how to clean up and rock his Converses. He rules the neighborhood and everyone knows it.

For more adorable photos of these cuties, follow them on Instagram @my_furry_babies.