Calling All Black Dogs Of The Internet: Did You Celebrate National Black Dog Day?

We just want to say, we love you!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

When there are new puppies on the way, everyone’s excited. On Instagram, if you follow breeders, they LIVESTREAM the birthing process. Unlike human births, dogs don’t scream as much and the puppies slide out like at a waterpark. Dog breeds like Golden Retrievers or Samoyeds usually come out identical – a perfect carbon copy of the one before them! Yes, some are fatter, but they’re all just little wrinkly puppies!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

Other breeds like the Labrador Retriever come out in a variety of colors – yellow, chocolate, and black. They’re like a mixed bag of ADORABLE!


Credit: Instagram / @linnnaa_

These puppies come out at the same time, learn to play at the same time, and grow up to be chubby puppies at the same time! Yet because of their different colors, some puppies get chosen over others.


Credit: Instagram / @_yogiandthomas

The sad truth is that Black Dog Syndrome (BDS) is a real and a sad thing – people avoid adopting black dogs just because of the color of their fur.

Black dogs are usually the last to be adopted and are left behind in shelters.


Credit: Instagram / @babymaybear

Shelters try and teach black dogs special tricks so they can be more appealing to potential adopters, but still their adoption rates are low.


Credit: Instagram / @mk_was_here_and

Some theories that bounce around BDS guess that it’s because black dogs are inherently “scarier” than their fair-coated siblings.


Credit: Instagram / @digbyvanwinkle

I mean … one could argue that this dog is a little bit scary, but he’s like 3 pounds and mostly fur. All jokes aside – there is a reason why big black dogs like Rotweilers and Dobermans are scary.


Credit: Instagram / @digbyvanwinkle

But after a quick costume change, Alo is an adorably creepy sunflower! Black dogs can’t be inherently scary – they come from the same place as their siblings!

It was National Black Dog Day on October 1st, so here are more black dogs we love!


Credit: Instagram / @eevee_the_pug

We love all black dogs – the big “scary ones” and tiny smushed face ones like Eevee the Pug! We all need to tell her that she looks amazing in her little dress and she shouldn’t be ashamed!


Credit: Instagram / @mollythenewfie

Newfoundlands are known to be gentle giants and usually come in chocolate or black fur – how can you be afraid of this tiny baby?? He’s a good working dog in training! (sobbing emoji)


Credit: Instagram / @mollythenewfie

At 7 months, Duke is a little larger (okay, a lot larger) than your average 7-month-old human, but his uncontrollable drool makes him a little less threatening.


Credit: Instagram / @bryantheminiaturedachshund

Shout out to tiny black dogs too! As tiny and non-threatening as little dogs are, they also are victims of black-dog bias. We’ll just cuddle this little Doxie and use his floppy ears to block out the haters.

I guess what we’re trying to say here is – hug a black dog today (with permission)!


Credit: Instagram / @roninthegiant

If Ronin’s tongue was inside his mouth and he looked concerned, this may be a good scary Halloween look, but Ronin is so happy and proud to be a Bat Dog. We’re happy for him too!!


Credit: Instagram / @thehuskyjoey

Be different – pick the darker furred puppy above all other puppies. The other puppies will get a home, but let this puppy know that they’re just as special as their siblings!


Credit: Instagram / @fourrescuemutts@thepassportpuppy & @timthetoothninja

These puppers will love you so much like any other dog. They don’t see color and neither should you. Just look how happy these doggos are!


Credit: Instagram / @sukiandthecity

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for next National Black Dog Day! Go pet a black dog and give them treats!!


Credit: Tumblr / @biologialover

PS. This black puppy hopes you have a great day!!