We’re Obsessed With Artist MADSTEEZ And His WEEN!

You read that right, we love his little WEEN

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

Do you ever see street art or even art online and think, “Wow, who did this?” Well, if you wander the streets of California, you’ve probably been wowed by something by the artist MADSTEEZ. His vibrant colors, intricate designs, portraits, impressions, and just wow-ing shapes make everyone stop and appreciate his work. He creates his art on buildings, canvases big and small, surfboards, walls, staircases, and of course, his own home. But that’s not the most important part – the most important part of MADSTEEZ’s career is his teeny, tiny, cute Ween.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

MADSTEEZ aka Mark Paul Deren loves his little WEEN. His WEEN inspires a lot of his art and is Deren’s muse.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

When Deren isn’t painting, he finds inspiration on family vacations with his two Weens at the Grand Canyon. The Weens usually only walk a short distance because they have teeny legs.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

Being an artist’s muse is exhausting so the little Ween spends his days in his beautifully and personally decorated home. #WEENapproved.

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