We’re Obsessed With Artist MADSTEEZ And His WEEN!

You read that right, we love his little WEEN

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

Do you ever see street art or even art online and think, “Wow, who did this?” Well, if you wander the streets of California, you’ve probably been wowed by something by the artist MADSTEEZ. His vibrant colors, intricate designs, portraits, impressions, and just wow-ing shapes make everyone stop and appreciate his work. He creates his art on buildings, canvases big and small, surfboards, walls, staircases, and of course, his own home. But that’s not the most important part – the most important part of MADSTEEZ’s career is his teeny, tiny, cute Ween.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

MADSTEEZ aka Mark Paul Deren loves his little WEEN. His WEEN inspires a lot of his art and is Deren’s muse.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

When Deren isn’t painting, he finds inspiration on family vacations with his two Weens at the Grand Canyon. The Weens usually only walk a short distance because they have teeny legs.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

Being an artist’s muse is exhausting so the little Ween spends his days in his beautifully and personally decorated home. #WEENapproved.

MADSTEEZ’s career began in 2005 when he was featured in the New York Times.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

As more people started noticing his art, Nike partnered with Deren and designed his own shoe – the STINKWEEN.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

His portraits feature pop icons like Michael Jordan AKA The Goat, Prince (think “Purple Rain”), George Washington or as MADSTEEZ calls him “George WEEN!ngton”, and his purple ween-shaped character Stefon!


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

Stefon and WEENzee are two characters that MADSTEEZ features in various art pieces and his Snapchats. Doodling on Snapchat is a whole new dimension for professional artists!


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

MADSTEEZ doesn’t just paint people or things. This other talents include balancing warm and cool colors in breathtaking pieces. We’re also not sure if MADSTEEZ is a part of this painting or if this is an awesome photo.

We can’t forget about his WEEN and WEENsdays!


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

On HalloWEEN, Mr. WEEN gets dressed up in the most creative costume an artist could imagine – a scary ghost!!


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

Other times the WEENs are used as props and releuctant models to the humans who fraternize with MADSTEEZ wear strange things on their heads.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

MADSTEEZ gifts his friends with giant portraits of his WEEN because everyone needs a WEENseuss portrait.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

WEEN’s face is everywhere – walls, portraits, buildings, and even surfboards. We think that seeing that little WEEN while you surf is good luck!

It’s not just WEENs that MADSTEEZ loves – its other dogs and strange animals.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

On a whole different medium, MADSTEEZ painted a beloved dog Lola on a book! The best gifts are the kind that you make with your heart!


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

Mr. WEEN enjoys all the luxuries that come from MADSTEEZ’s success. He loves lying on the cheetah-printed carpet because it feels good on his round tummy.


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

We at Get Leashed aspire to the same level of popularity that MADSTEEZ has – we want old people to sit on our art and look gangster AF!


Credit: Instagram / @madsteez

For more photos of MADSTEEZ’s art and his WEEN – follow him on Instagram @madsteez.

Happy WEENS-day!


Credit: Tumblr / @stefanieshank