Have The Adventure Feels? Meet Tim And His Dog Squad!

Henry, River, and Bjorn are your new favorite adventure doggies.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

What do you get when you have a Go-Pro, three gorgeous dogs, and the adventure bug? You get amazing photo content for people on the Internet to love. Not only do animal lovers and nature lovers find the sweet spot of inspiration, but also you get to share all the happiness this family has. Tim – the human of the group, lives in Alaska and loves going off road with his partner and three dogs. The two Golden Retrievers, Henry and River are bigger brothers to the CUTEST CROSS BREED EVER – Bjorn the Malamute / Samoyed. Yes, the two fluffiest and friendliest breeds mixed together are what your dreams are made of – maybe even better.


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

I apologize before you read further, but I am heavily biased to Bjorn because of just how darn cute he is, how big his smile is, and just that HE’S SO FLUFFY AND HAPPY. His photos are truly the cheapest medicine.


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

He’s two, 90% fluff, and 10% smile. He also has his own Instagram page for our viewing pleasure @bjorninalaska.


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

Okay, enough of Bjorn for now, his two Golden brothers are just as adorable because duh, they’re Goldens! And they smile without prompting – except sometimes for River because too much of a good thing could be bad.

Every day is a new adventure in Alaska and you’ll never know what they’re going to see.


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

Tim packs his big, fluffy crew in his car, remembers his Go-Pro (named Tooth Ninja FYI!), and makes sure he has all the appropriate equipment for a good time. All the while his boys peek out the window looking like the strangest three-headed monster ever.


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

Once they reach their many destinations, they stop and take gorgeous photos of the rugged and diverse landscape that is Alaska. This is the best Tongue-Out-Tuesday photo ever!!


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

When you have dogs, every opportunity to be silly must be fulfilled. Tim follows Henry to their next destination – except it’s hard for Henry to lead because he needs all four paws! #FollowMeTo


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

You can’t really trade a campfire on a mountaintop with the ones you love for anything, really. Tim’s photos make the worst homebodies want to go on an adventure!

You can’t have that many adventures without inviting your friends!


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

And friends regularly join this Alaskan crew on their outdoor adventures. Because when you have wet and soggy dogs to clean up, you want your friends to have to clean up their wet and soggy dogs.


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

These dogs are super party animals – they all go camping together! The land is their pooping ground. They’re free to sniff 99% of everything as long as they stay within eyesight of their humans. #ThatsLove


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

Then you have to call it quits sometimes when both dog and human counterparts start to smell a little ripe. There’s just something about using your own toilet at home after a long time away from it. (PS That IS @lokithewolfdog!)


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

Henry, River, and Bjorn absolutely love their lives as adventure doggos. Plus, when they pose with plants of their head, they get lots of treats!

These dogs keep smiling every day and it makes us smile!


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

To really get their best smiles out, the humans help their doggos out by stretching they’re squishy cheeks! We appreciate Go Pros once again for making this possible.


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

When you have that much fluff and a huge smile, everyone else needs to see it every day. We love Bjorn!


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

Just look at his chubby fluffy face! It cannot be contained by the window! He’s not even mad that the window is only half open!


Credit: Instagram / @timthetoothninja

Follow this adventure family on Instagram @timthetoothninja. We promise you won’t regret it!