Everyone Needs To Meet Little Teak The Berner Puppy

Because when has a happy puppy ever ruined anyone’s day?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

I have a dream that one day puppies will fill the streets and establishments so that everyone can be happier and united among the puppies. Big puppies like St. Bernards with tiny puppies like Chihuahuas will be together and people can pet them to their heart’s content. There will be no war, no conflict, and no hate because puppies are the magical healing power of our world. Together, human and dog will create world peace. In natural disasters, people will save dogs and dogs will save people. Basically, I’ve found the solution to all the world’s problems: puppies.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

If we were more concerned about puppies, we wouldn’t have to worry about war or the lax gun laws that have created so much misery in the last couple of days.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

We could trade our weapons for dogs – not to replace means of war with dogs, but trade violence with companionship. How could you want to be sad with a smiling puppy like Teak the Berner??


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Teak is only a few months old and lives is sunny Los Angeles. He loves the sun, the beach, his humans, and his Berner stuffy!

Living in LA means a whole lot of beach days.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Teak was born to love the sand between his paws and literally jumps for joy when he’s there! Don’t you wish you were just as happy as Teak in this photo!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Having a Berner puppy is like having a warm stuffed animal that will bite your toes. Teak is just a fur ball full of love and energy!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Just set Teak down anywhere and take a few steps away and he will bound to you like the happiest little bean! All the colorful plants might distract him though.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Teak knows that before you go to the beach in the morning you have to buy liquid energy in the form of coffee! He waits patiently for his human’s to finish their coffee before he gets to run freely.

At any angle, Teak is adorably amusing.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

To cross the street safely, Teak’s mum must carry him, but Teak likes to take this opportunity to look at everyone upside down!!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Before you know it, they’re back on the beach and the big fluff nugget runs with all his might towards you! There’s nothing terrifying about Teak!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Sometimes Teak and his family trade the sand for some grass. Teak doesn’t mind rolling around in it and he has the time of his life!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Teak has so much energy that sometimes his humans need a break. So he sits patiently until their energy is recharged and they can take off running again!

As Teak gets older, he’s becoming even more adventurous!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

He even ventured out and swam in the lake. He had the entire lake all to himself and was very proud of his accomplishment.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

But Teak doesn’t mind when he’s not out playing. He just wants to see people and let them know that he’s happy and loves everyone!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Sand on his nose and sand in his toes is the way Teak loves to be. He’ll just rub it all off on you with all his kisses!


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

Quick like Teak, jump to his Instagram page for more adorable Berner moments @hideandteak_la! Puppies will rule the world!