Food For Thought: Dogs Should Be Welcome In More Restaurants

And if we’re really honest about it – they should be as welcome as babies!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @ps.ny

Picture for a moment your favorite person in the whole wide world – your partner, your parent, you sibling, your best friend, or your child. What’s your favorite activity to do with them? Is it playing games? Is it sitting around doing nothing? Is it watching bad movies? Is it eating? Now imagine not being able to do half of those things with your favorite person because they’re not allowed inside any of the venues.


Credit: Instagram / @lifeofvi

That’s how a lot of Ontario dog lovers feel. In Ontario, restaurants do not allow dogs inside or even on the patio. Dog lovers must choose between chaining their dog to fences while they quickly enjoy their meal or not indulging.


Credit: Instagram / @ps.ny

The alternative would be to leave your pet at home on such a beautiful day or spending the extra effort eating on the go!


Credit: Instagram / @popeyethefoodie

Around the world, the rules are different. Paris, Tokyo, Korea, and Los Angeles are a few of the many places that allow dogs everywhere – from your local coffee shop to fine dining.

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