9 Reasons Why We’re Thankful For Our Dogs

In the Spirit of Thanksgiving, Let’s Have a Toast to Our Best Friends

By Erik Ryken

9 reasons why we're thankful for our dogs

Thanksgiving comes at a time of year when our dogs’ noses are swimming in stimuli. Autumn leaves outside and slow roasts indoors paint a vivid picture of this special time in their minds. Our joy in watching their tails pick up in pace calls for a toast to the warm and fuzzy feelings they bring us.

1. They Remind Us to Appreciate Food


Photo: @popeythefoodie

While they aren’t the slowest eaters, we can count on dogs to show us that food is a precious thing that nourishes our bodies. Even though they can be just as picky as people, dogs know that when it’s time to eat it’s time to focus, absorbing themselves in the delight of each bite.

2. They Make Us Laugh


Photo: @timthetoothninja

With a combination of their unique personalities and the great awkward behaviors that separate them from humankind, dogs have a keen ability to harness our giggles.

3. They Help Us Meet People

Sometimes our companions bring us out of our shells. In the colder seasons it’s helpful to have someone eagerly tugging us out the door.

4. They Welcome Us Home

When it’s been a long day there’s no sight like a dog scurrying towards us to show us how great it is to be appreciated.

5. They Help Us Work

Although some pups can keep our hands full, some studies and model office environments have proven that dogs can actually boost our productivity. We’re convinced that pet-friendly offices are the way to go and want to give a shout out to the dogs that help to keep us motoring through our best work.

6. They Stroll with Us

Whether you find yourself with a doggy supermodel striding by your side or a partner in waddling through town, the companionship offered by a fellow stroller just makes an autumn breeze that much more enjoyable. Isn’t it great to crunch leaves together?

7. They Could Cure Loneliness

Even if the solution is more evasive than the cure for the common cold, our best friends really do have a lasting way of quelling loneliness. Recent research has pointed to the ways that dogs can improve health in children and adults, but history shows us that dogs have everything it takes to be the best of friends.

8. They Teach Us How to Play

When in play mode, dogs are instructing us in one of life’s most significant arts. The ultimate antidote to dullness, play is the great talent of a happy dog. Take notes or participate in the action; playing a game with your dog will help your mind de-stress.

9. They Reduce Anxiety

Dogs are becoming known on college campuses for their therapeutic work. Interacting with dogs can be a supportive and life-enriching experience. Measurably reducing loneliness and anxiety is one of the ways that dogs are proving to be the great companions we already know they are.

Be sure to show your dog just how thankful you are this weekend!