Follow Ellie the Cavalier All Over The World

There are so many places for her to visit!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Ellie the Cavalier is a 2-year-old seasoned traveller from Russia. She lives part time with her human mom and dad in Moscow and in Miami. But that’s just where they call home when they’re away on their travels. It’s hard to keep track of where Ellie is, but she’s recently been to France, New York, and Italy! That’s a lot of bee-bopping around the world. Ellie knows how to travel comfortably and in-style. A lot of her carriers are customized with her name on it – you can even by Cavalier-inspired products on her Etsy page!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Ellie’s mum loves her so, so much, that she sports a sun hat with Ellie’s name and face on it. Soon, Ellie hopes to have her very own travel blog!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Ellie’s full name is Angels Marvel Empress – it fits her regal beauty and personality. It also explains why we “marvel” at all the places she visits!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

When she is home, she is the face of Pettel Design furniture. After a long day full of people, places and things, a sleepy dog just wants to tuck away and catch a few Z’s.

Everywhere she goes Ellie makes sure she gets a photo!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Her 13 000 followers on Instagram love knowing what Ellie and her humans are up to. Her photos inspire other people and their dogs to plan a vacation!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

As mystical as the Trevi Fountain can be, we think Ellie is even more mystical. In the place where wishes are made, our wishes come true with Ellie’s Insta feed!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

If it quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, and acts like a duck, then it must be a Cavalier puppy! And this puppy sure knows how to pick the best ducks out there!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

We respect Ellie and her humans for now falling into the trap of pretending to push the Tower of Pisa for the photo op – very classy choice.

When your dog is your best friend, everything they do brings you joy!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Ellie looks up to her human and smiles during her walks – she’s just a ray of sunshine and ball of happiness!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Her human’s got her back when she’s too sleepy to walk anymore. If Ellie could, she’d do the same for her human.


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Plus when she’s lifted onto her human’s shoulders, she can see the world so much better! Buildings are tall and it hurts her neck to stretch it so much!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

But some things look like they’re made for Ellie. Like this quaint bookstore in Italy – due to regular flooding, books are held in tubs and other containers to protect them from water damage. But the books that have been damaged now create a wall to protect the others!

Ellie gives us the travel bug – who else wants to hop on a plane after seeing some of her photos?


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

In countries like England, Russia, or France, the history meshed with modern architecture gives you all these feels as if you’re sharing that place with millions of individuals before.


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Thousands of people visit La Louvre every year. It’s in so many movies, most recently, Wonder Woman, and Ellie is just sitting by it like it’s nothing!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

It’s not as if she doesn’t appreciate it, but at the end of the day, she is just a dog following her human around. She just wants to share the experience with her favorite person in the world and her followers on Instagram!


Credit: Instagram / @ellie_cavalier

Ellie the Cavalier inspires us to expand our world with our beloved pets. With our opportunity and resources that we have today, it’s a matter of why not?