William Wegman Is The Rightful King Of The Weimaraners

These stoic dogs have been the artist’s muse since the 70’s.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Weimaraners are an interesting breed of dog. They have the length of an Italian Greyhound and the height that’s almost like a Great Dane. They have floppy ears, long paws, and a “dead-pan” face. As opposed to charismatic breeds like Golden Retrievers or Bernese Mountain Dogs, these Weimaraners are an interesting choice of a muse for world-renowned artist William Wegman.

Wegman finished his studies in Massachusetts and Illinois by 1967 and soon after adopted his first Weimaraner, Man Ray.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Thus, sparked a collaboration that has lasted well over 40 years. Man Ray inspired Wegman with his stoic personality and impassive face. He started to photograph Man Ray for his pieces.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Originally a painter, Wegman did not realize that his photography would take him all over the world. With his photographs, he had international exhibitions soon after his studies.

Sadly, dogs don’t stay with us forever.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Man Ray passed away in 1982 and Wegman thought he was done with dogs forever. That was until 1986 when he found and fell in love with a female Weimaraner that he named Fay Ray.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

He photographed Fay Ray with a Polaroid 20 x 24 camera and continued his career with another Weimaraner by his side.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Fay Ray soon became a mother of three – Battina (Batty), Crooky, and Chundo! Now his cast went from 1 member to 4.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

With so many dogs, Wegman was able to expand his photograph types and used all his pups as models. The best part, in our opinion, is when he started modelling them as if they were human!

Wegman became an author of several books.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

One of his books is a collection of his photographs of his Weimaraners looking human. Their ambiguous facial expressions showcase the connection between human and dog. Plus, they wear the best clothes!


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Photo shoots usually go a little something like this. The well-trained dogs sit patiently in their costumes and keep the same face for the whole shoot. #ultramodels


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Wegman is also an author for children’s books using his dogs as inspiration. He illustrates his stories and has been writing since the 90s!

But that’s not all that his dogs do – they’re also TV stars!


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

As Flo’s puppies grew up, they had puppies of their own. Batty had Chip and Chip had Bobbin, and Bobbin had Penny!


Credit: Instagram / @sesamestreet

In the 90s, Wegman’s Weimaraners starred in episodes of Sesame Street. They were the focus of several nursery rhymes!


Credit: Instagram / @sesamestreet

Unlike their co-stars, the Weimaraners were only shot for 30 seconds at a time and they were usually laying down looking a little bored.


Credit: Instagram / @sesamestreet

But that’s okay because Sesame Street has their own dog-star! Barkley is the Sesame Street beloved colourful and fluffy pet.


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Wegman’s Weimaraners aren’t always blasé about life – they do get excited and sometimes Wegman captures it on camera!


Credit: Instagram / @williamwegman

Being a muse is exhausting, but these Weimaraners do it well. For more photos of behind-the-scenes work, follow William Wegman on Instagram @williamwegman!