14 Superstitions About Our Pets To Prepare You For Friday The 13th!

Can you guess the luckiest dog to meet?

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @harlowandsage

It’s spooky season! That means everyone is getting ready for cooler weather and possibly preparing their Halloween costumes. And this year, Friday the 13th falls in the same month as Halloween. Spooky, right? There are a lot of superstitions which focus on dogs and cats – specifically that if a black dog or cat crosses you it means bad luck – but that doesn’t mean it’s true! We must love our black-furred pets 10x more in the superstitious season! (Seriously, black cats are murdered because they’re “bad luck”)

Cats and dogs can be good omens as well as “bad” and we’re all about staying lucky, so here are a few fun myths about them!


Credit: Instagram / @king_kodah_malamute

Let’s start with the bad stuff first – apparently if a dog howls outside a house at night, gets chased away, and comes back to howl, then it means something bad is going to happen. We think that the dog is probably stressed out and needs to do some yelling.


Credit: Instagram / @harlowandsage

It’s not just black cats crossing your path that are unlucky, apparently it’s black dogs too. HOWEVER, if a dog follows you home it could be good or bad, even if it is black.


Credit: Instagram / @harlowandsage

If a dog doesn’t like a man then that means that man probably has bad character – our dogs our looking out for us! Also if your dog is staring at nothing then it could mean they’re seeing a ghost.

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