Audible Is Now Making Audiobooks For Dogs

When you have to leave your dog alone, at least leave them with a book

By Patrick Cullen

Your dog: a lit critic?

As Amazon continues its worldwide takeover, it’s paired with famed dog whisperer Caesar Milan and established audiobook company, Audible. Together, the three are working to bring a guide to audiobooks for dogs by the legendary Milan and a list of titles he personally curated to homes everywhere. Like playing Mozart for resting newborns or listening to white noise to help you find a more restful sleep, studies have shown time and time again that simply listening to certain things can have cognitive benefits. We now know that these benefits extend to audiobooks for dogs, particularly when a dog is home alone with nothing to do but miss you and eagerly await your return.

To back this new product line, Milan sought out researchers at LA’s Dog Psychology Center. A press release revealed that studies found that audiobooks helped dogs cope with stress, depression, and boredom, which are all elevated concerns when a dog is home alone. 76 of the 100 dogs who participated in these studies over four weeks were said to have acted calmer and more relaxed. Notably, the study revealed that audiobooks were more effective than music in doing this for dogs that were left home alone.

Audiobooks could benefit you both.

What’s more is that your dog won’t be the only one benefiting from Audible’s audiobooks. It’s tough for any dog owner to leave your companion home, looking depressed the second they realize what’s happening, while you go out and do your thing. However, even if it’s only your dog listening to the audiobook, Caesar Milan could again be benefiting both dog and owner as he and his series of books puts your guilt at ease knowing that your dog will have a calming, enriching experience while you’re gone and will be enjoying their alone time much more than usual.

Head over to Audible today and check out their audiobooks, especially if you have a dog who takes particular offense to being left home alone. My Wheaten Terrier hates being left alone and over the last few months, we’ve left him with classical music to no significant change. It might be time to see if he’s more a literature guy.