A Collection Of Puppy Photos To Make Your Day Go A Little Better

Who doesn’t love pupperinos???

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @sunnysidegoldens

In light of World Mental Health Day on October 10th, I thought I should share a little about my mental health issues. As a university student and working part-time, I thought I was like everyone else going through school. But what I didn’t think was that I was as good as everyone else at maintaining everything. Everyone else looked as if they were keeping it together so much better than me. It started a cycle of thinking I wasn’t doing things well enough and pushing myself harder and harder. Then one day, during an exam, I started sweating, I was light headed, and I was having chills.


Credit: Instagram / @huskyranch

That was the day I realized I had a problem. Since then, I have gone through the challenges of having doctors not believing me, therapy, and accepting accommodations that I thought I didn’t need. Now, I take anti-depressants, have an amazing job, and get to look at dogs all day!



For some people, it is difficult to think that you have a problem and even harder to accept help. But that stems from the fact that it’s hard to talk about worrying since you think everyone else worries too.


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But after a straight week of having “bad days”, you start to realize that you have to address that your brain needs something.

And there are so many options!


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These may sound a little cheesy, but I really stand by all of them! Talk to someone you trust – it does not have to be family. Yes, your family is important, but sometimes they’re ignorant (not their fault) to your stresses.


Credit: Instagram / @frenchiebutt.milo

Remember that you may need a break. Some of us push ourselves so hard, we don’t even think to stop. We stop eating and sleeping regularly and we deny our body what it needs.


Credit: Instagram / @gonzalezempirebullies_carla

Know your limits! In school, I would go to classes, do readings, do assignments, and go work a 4-hour shift. I’d sleep late and wake up early and be on the go almost every day. I had to choose between classes and work, and so I cut back my shifts.


Credit: Instagram / @meetpuff

TREAT YOSELF – yes, buy that dress, notebook, phone case, sweater, or ice cream. Whatever it is, you deserve it. Stop denying yourself things that you want because you think you didn’t do enough! A small treat is an act of self care.

If things are really bad, know that there is always help.


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Do your research! The first step in recovery is trying to find out how you can help yourself. If you’re a student, there are always options for accommodations and therapy – OSAP even helps in Ontario.


Credit: Instagram / @sunnysidegoldens

If you’re having a REALLY bad day – know that it WILL get better. Suicide may seem tempting, but don’t let it entice you. People love you! We love you!


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You are not the only one – there are other people who know how you feel. You just have to find them and then help to support each other! You’re not crazy.


Credit: Instagram / @smalls.the.corgi

If you don’t trust people at that moment, the Internet is full of things to make you laugh. If you have Netflix, there are a lot of stand-up choices. Also, there are so many silly puppers on the Internet to cheer you up!

When I’m sad, I go on Instagram and look at all the puppies I can find.


Credit: Instagram / @meetpuff

They’re just so silly and they never fail to make me smile. Like, as a puppy, you literally have no worries. You’re just so cute!


Credit: Instagram / @gonzalezempirebullies_carla

If you have a dog, you’re already halfway on the way to heaven. Puppers know how to comfort you and there are even therapy dogs who train for just that!


Credit: Instagram / @harper_and_hudson

It’s hard to deal with traumatic experiences. And it’s hard to avoid bad decisions and unhealthy coping mechanism.


Credit: Instagram / @hideandteak_la

In my opinion, laughter is the best medicine. And puppies. Puppies are the cure for all the sad! Just remember that your mental health is just as important as your physical health.