A Look Into Some Of The Best Dog Memes Taking Over The Internet

The dog lover community creates the strangest memes that we all understand.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Tumblr / @thedogsquads

We all know that the joke of the Internet is kitty videos since cats either do the strangest things, the rudest things, or do nothing at all. But under all the strange kitty videos are the amazing dog memes that the dog-loving community creates. Of course, there’s hilarious video content of dogs too, but the memes are all too relatable. It’s always shocking to hear to some dog lovers that people prefer cats to dogs or even that they HATE dogs. This is when you take out your phone and show them all of the dog photos you have to prove them wrong!


While there are the “regular” memes like the image above, there are also some that dog lovers have created themselves using the vernacular that, although strange, is understood throughout the dog lover community.

Hannah Maguire

Credit: Facebook / Hannah Maguire

The Dogspotting Society on Facebook is a group that houses almost 100 000 members who congregate on the Internet to share photos of the dogs in their lives. And this summer, members created the “he attacc” meme.

Hiral Kotecha‎2

Credit: Facebook / Hiral Kotecha‎

From my understanding, the term “attacc”, stems from calling chunky dogs “thicc”. Then with photos of our dogs who think they’re tough, dog lovers coined the term “attacc” from barking photos.

But our dogs are multi-faceted and do so much more than barking!

Ashley Lauren‎

Credit: Facebook / Ashley Lauren‎

Thus, the meme was born to be a three-part treat. It shows off what your dog does in the simplest terms that even they would understand and end with a sweet and/or funny statement that is “most important”.

Julie Torgerson

Credit: Facebook / Julie Torgerson

The messy template differs from member to member and it’s almost as if the dogs made them themselves. And like anything, this meme opened the doors to open interpretation and variations to make anyone’s day!

Mackenzie Purdy‎

Credit: Facebook / Mackenzie Purdy‎

Like any other pet owner, we like to roast our pets. And Mackenzie’s doggo Lacey is a little confused all the time, so Mackenzie made her an appropriate meme. It’s okay, Lacey, we love you!!

Shania McCarthy

Credit: Facebook / Tam Olckers

The best part is obviously the last segment of this wholesome meme. Because it shows that our dogs don’t just “attacc” or “protecc”, but apparently do something that they didn’t know we noticed!

But we already know our dogs aren’t very subtle creatures.


Credit: Tumblr / @thedogsquads

From our “regular memes”, we can see that almost all dogs will give their 100% attention from anywhere in the room when there is food.


Credit: Tumblr / @thedogsquads

As adorable puppies are, they do sometimes have the facial expressions that are more mischievous and plotting than they act. The same puppy that flops on the floor from running too fast may be planning the end of the human world!!


Credit: Tumblr / @thedogsquads

But also, dogs are just like us and maybe that’s why they’re just so lovable. I mean, isn’t this how you wake up every morning for work or school? The world should start after 10 AM, am I right?



Credit: Tumblr / @thedogsquads

The same dog who you deceive by pretending to throw the ball knows EXACTLY when you’re on the way to the vet. Our dogs are smarter than we’d like to believe.

Memes that we create and memes we come across do one thing: make us smile (hopefully).


Credit: Tumblr / @thedogsquads

Our life problems can be perfectly illustrated through the almost unconscious facial expressions of our precious doggos. (I’m the one who doesn’t want to go).

Madison Sabourin‎

Credit: Facebook / Madison Sabourin‎

When we love our dogs so much, we just have to share their best attributes. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to let other people know their problems because Benjamin isn’t all about his new brother Theodore.


Credit: Tumblr / @thedogsquads

Sometimes we also need to exploit the photos of dogs we see on the Internet. Because since we don’t speak the same language, we need to caption their lives to the best of our ability.

Hiral Kotecha‎

Credit: Facebook / Hiral Kotecha‎

But most importantly (hah!), we love these memes because from what we understand about our wonderful pets and that they love us no matter how much they ignore us after we gave them treats!

Do you guys have any favorite doggy memes?