Beautiful Pet Photos To Ease The Pain Of The Inequality Discussion

We want to be rid of the days of shunning women for their “trivial” interests.


Credit: Instagram / @mollyomalley.sheltie

You see a bunch of girls lining up for their Pumpkin Spiced Latte? Join ‘em – it’s delicious! We all gotta like something and there’s a reason why it’s so popular!


Credit: Instagram / @shila_the_pom

A girl loves pink and loves being called a princess – buy her MORE pink things and don’t mock her preferred nickname.


Credit: Instagram / @sukiicat

Oh and girls can like PSLs and going on hikes. We also fart and go number 2 in the toilet, so it’s not super “gross” and “unladylike”.


Credit: Instagram / @chusi.chi

In all seriousness, it is not just the trivial things we should consider. In comparison to our male counterparts, it’s as if our voices are silenced while men are heard more.

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