Beautiful Pet Photos To Ease The Pain Of The Inequality Discussion

We need to talk about women’s issues, while looking at adorable animals.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


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On October 11, the world celebrated International Girls Day. Since it’s inception in 2012, the United Nations declared this day to raise awareness of the continued inequality between men and women. Yes, in some places it seems as though there is equality amongst the genders. However, once you get passed the surface, there are still underlying issues that need to be addressed. Women may be able to be CEOs, have the right to vote, the right to education, yet, there is still discrimination in almost all the industries of the modern world.


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Plus, the intersectionality of the issues is usually never considered. It is never just a male and female issue, but race, social class, and other genders are other factors.


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When considering the progress made, we must consider outside our own world and expand to people of all walks of life. What about girls of color? What about girls in other countries? What about transgendered people? Do they get the same opportunities as other women?


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There is no blanket solution for equality, but we must celebrate and welcome our differences rather than ostracize what we think isn’t “average”. That’s why women all over the world should come together in unity and support one another.

We want to be rid of the days of shunning women for their “trivial” interests.


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You see a bunch of girls lining up for their Pumpkin Spiced Latte? Join ‘em – it’s delicious! We all gotta like something and there’s a reason why it’s so popular!


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A girl loves pink and loves being called a princess – buy her MORE pink things and don’t mock her preferred nickname.


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Oh and girls can like PSLs and going on hikes. We also fart and go number 2 in the toilet, so it’s not super “gross” and “unladylike”.


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In all seriousness, it is not just the trivial things we should consider. In comparison to our male counterparts, it’s as if our voices are silenced while men are heard more.

Considering the Harvey Weinsteins of the world, women face issues differently than men.


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Harvey Weinstein was accused of various sexual assault allegations during his entire career. The issue, however, blew up publicly just last week.


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Yet, there are still people defending him and he has not had to face any serious blunders to his career until just recently where his company is considering removing him.


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Meanwhile, the women affected have been silenced by non-disclosure acts, shame, or fear of a negatively affected career. This acceptable rape culture has sustained the silence of victims for decades.


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Women should not expect to be assaulted. It should not be something you need to keep your guard up for. It should be understood that everyone deserves respect.

Even men have felt silenced in sexual assault in the film industry.


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Terry Crews (you know, the huge guy with all the pecs in the world?) admitted that he kept quiet about a Weinsten-esque equal who grabbed at his privates in public.


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It’s all about the difference in power some people have over others. In a position of power, it is easier to get away with things that seem outrageously inappropriate.


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And this is just in the Western world. There are millions of girls in other countries who are thought to be only good for marriage and child bearing. Girls are told they do not need education for their future.


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We live in a world where CEOs can say that men are better in programming because they’re “smarter” and these jobs seem to be advertised strictly to one gender.

There are so many more issues related to women’s rights, but we hope that the adorable pet photos helped ease the seriousness. What we ask is to just consider issues from another perspective before starting a conversation!