Mochi The Rescue Saint Bernard Has The World’s Longest Tongue

This adopted girl now holds a Guinness World Record!

By Catalina Barrios


Credit: Guinness World Records

Have you ever wanted to be famous or have your own Guinness World Record? Did you know that the Guinness World Record book has sold over 138 million copies, in more than 100 countries and that it has been translated into at least 20 languages? That is a lot of exposure if you are able to set your own record.

Let me introduce you to Mochi, an adorable rescued Saint Bernard who made it into the Guinness World Records by having a unique characteristic.


Credit: The Toronto Star

She is neither the fastest dog, nor the dog that jumps the highest or is the oldest. Mochi, also known as Mo, is the dog with the World’s Longest Tongue. Her tongue measures 7.3 inches or around 19 centimeters.


Credit: Guinness World Records

Mochi was adopted 6 years ago by her owner Carla Rickert of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The 8-year old Saint Bernard enjoys snacking on her favorite treat: sweet potatoes. When Carla met Mochi she says it was “love at first sight”.


Credit: US Weekly

It is ok to be different. Mo, who before being adopted was abused and neglected, is happy to be with a loving family who love her how she is. Some of the obstacles Mo faces with her long tongue include breathing challenges, extra slobber when she is nervous, and needing help to pick up things from the floor.


Credit: Guinness World Records

“When we open the Guinness World Records book and see Mochi’s picture in there, we’re going to feel very proud,” said Carla.“It will make all the slobber we’ve cleaned up over the last six-and-a-half years worth it”.


Credit: Guinness World Records

Carla and her family hope that Mochi’s record can inspire animal lovers to adopt pets. Mochi was adopted through Big Dogs Huge Paws in Colorado, who only rescue dogs weighing over 100 pounds. She describes Mochi as a very happy dog with a “big personality”, who enjoys spending quality time with family and loves to dress up in costumes.


Credit: Guinness World Records

Currently, Mochi has the longest dog tongue on Earth , but the all-time record belongs to Brandy, a boxer who had a 1-ft., 5-in. long tongue.


Credit: Guinness World Records

Mochi is part of the Guinness World Records latest publication, “Amazing Animals”, which highlights the different animal record breaking. It is a book worth reading if you’re crazy about pets.

Congrats, Mochi!