Hello Harriet Designs For You & Your Fur Bae

Do you and your dog need friendship charms?

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

Pet illustrator Harriet Gray has turned art into wearable and giftable items for pet lovers of all kinds. From temporary tattoos, enamel pins and pet collar tags, to cards and stationary for almost every occasion, there are tons of cute and tiny items to treasure on their online store. So whether you need a little pick me up for yourself, have a friend who needs some cheering up, or are planning ahead for the holiday season, have a look at our favorite items on the Hello Harriet shop and have a good laugh at their cheekiness.

Hello Harriet Free Hugs Collar Tag

Photo: Hello Harriet

Cute for a snuggly pup or kitty, this tag is 30mm tall and jewelry quality hard enamel pendant. The tag is gold plated brass with white enamel on the front, while the back is smooth for engraving. Buy it here.

Tell Ur Dog I Think He’s Cute Tote

Photo: Hello Harriet

Are you that person who pets every dog and knows no owners’ names? This tote may be for you. This item is currently on pre-order but we can bet it will sell fast! The tote is cotton with long handles, screen printed in the UK, and measures approximately 38 x 42 cm. Pre order here.

Fur Bae Collar Tag

Photo: Hello Harriet

Is your fluffy one your bae? Show them with this cute and cheeky collar tag. This tag is 23mm tall and all Hello Harriet tags can be worn by sassy pets on collars or sassy owners on a necklace. Buy it here.

Sloth Pin Set

Photo: Hello Harriet

Ah, the sloth. The much loved much meme-ed critter. If your life’s motto is live slow, die whenever, you might need these. Buy them here.

Sorry I Forgot About Your Birthday Card

Photo: Hello Harriet

We’ve all been there. Forgetting a friend’s birthday, especially in the digital age of one thousand notifications, always feels pretty bad. Make the situation better with a handwritten, no nonsense card. Who could stay mad at the smol one on the front? Buy it here.

Best Bae BFF Set

Photo: Hello Harriet

“TFW your pet is your BFF.” If this is too far, then we don’t want to toe the line. We live in a world where BFF sets for human and pet exist, so you bet we’re going to wear with pride. Whether it’s the nostalgia of elementary school days or just the cuteness of this design, we think it’s a genius gift for yourself or a (human) friend. Buy it here.

NOPE Collar Tag

Photo: Hello Harriet

Somewhere along the path of your kitty living with you, you may have realized you actually have a grumpy cat. Why not embrace it? The NOPE collar tag says so much by only speaking one word. If you pet is all kinds of sour, we think you need this. Buy it here.

Doge Notepad

Photo: Hello Harriet

Say it with Doge. Sometimes, to-do lists suck. Lecture notes also tend to suck. Make these unavoidable buzz kill type activities suck less with stationary that will make you smile. We’ll guess you’ll be the only one with this, but not for long. Get it on sale here now!