Puppy 101: Surviving Their First Month Home

Keeping sane when your little ball of fur becomes a little terror

By Catalina Barrios

How did you feel when your dog came home?

Finally the day has come. After talking with your family, you decide it will be a great idea to have a new member in the family, a puppy. The excitement increases as the “big” day approaches. You or your kids mark each day on the calendar as a way of knowing that day will be coming soon.

Are you ready? You may have asked this question a couple or many times. It is not like buying a chair and returning it if you don’t like it. Owning a dog is a commitment for many years, a journey you are ready to join with your family, your partner, or solo. I guarantee it will be lots of fun, one of the best experiences in your life.


The first 30 days are very important as they define how well you will get along with your furry friend. Raising a puppy won’t be easy but don’t get discouraged as it will be very rewarding. 

The following tips will help you give your new member the best first month of the many wonderful years he will be spending with you.

1. Bringing The Puppy Home


The first day is a great opportunity of teaching your puppy to love their crate. Make sure his crate has toys, treats, and a comfy blanket which will remind them of their mother and littermates. Drive carefully and take breaks if needed. You may also want to bring someone with you just in case your puppy cries or whines and you need to comfort them It is recommended taking your puppy to the vet within the first couple of days of having them home. You want to make sure they are healthy.

2. Toilet Training


For many people, toilet training is one of the hardest parts of having a new dog. You can start training your puppy on day one. When you bring them home, make sure they pottie. Once they do, praise them and give them a treat. Take them out to pee after playing and after every meal. You can start setting a routine for them where they know that taking them out to potty is the first and last thing you do with them every day. Be prepared for many accidents, but remember that learning takes time and soon your puppy will be “potty” trained.

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