Is Dog Date Afternoon the Tinder We’ve Always Wanted?

Why Having A Wing-Dog On Dates Might Be A Brilliant Idea

By The Get Leashed Tech Team

The world of modern dating isn’t always a lovely walk in the park. With so many tools to search, find, contact, connect, brand ourselves, and sometimes (shamefully) stalk, it may seem counter intuitive that a large percentage of millennials are predicted to never marry, rather than find the perfect partner.

Whether you find the statistics intriguing or depressing, you may still be ever hopeful to make a lasting connection with someone. On the bright side, we know that dog owners have many qualities making them excellent potential mates.

Photo: Dog Date Afternoon

To help connect single dog owners is a new app called Dog Date Afternoon, where matches won’t just meet each other, they will also meet each other’s dogs. The premise is simple: download the app, swipe through matches in a familiar way, but you’ll be bringing your wing-dog on your dates. Since many people believe dogs are better judges of character than humans, Dog Date Afternoon may be on to something.

We know dogs offer emotional support, so if you’re the type of person to get anxious or nervous when meeting a new potential romantic interest, you may really enjoy having your dog there. Also, there’s no better save for lulls in conversations than having two cute woofers accompanying you and your not so suave date. Think about it; if your dog happens to hate your partner’s dog, moving in together is going to come with some serious bumps in the road. Why not introduce them sooner than later?

According to Dog Date Afternoon:

“Dating apps should be more than selfies and failed attempts at witty wordplay, yes? Where are the dating apps that speak to your interests and who you are? You are a dog person who wants to share their love for dogs with others.

This is the mission of Dog Date Afternoon. We’re here to bring dog lovers together.”

We truly hope their MO of Swipe right, Match, Chat, Plan a date, Unleash your pups, Meet, and Fall in Love does go as planned for users.

Ready to start planning your dream dog inclusive wedding?

For now, only dog folks in California can find matches on the app, in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. But there’s nothing saying you can’t ask your online connections to bring their dog to meet yours on first dates everywhere.

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