Leave It To The Japanese To Make Stunning Cat Furniture

Okawa City Craftsman Focus on Felines

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

From Cat Cafes to Cat Trains and Cat Island, the people of Japan have a special love for felines. Okawa City, located in the Fukuoka Prefecture, an area known for craftsmanship and manufacturing (with over 150 factories) , has launched a campaign to promote the region’s talents, showcasing their skills in scaled down creations for cats. That’s right, artisanal sofas and beds made in miniature sizes for kitties!

Imagine taking your favorite minimalist modern piece, and having it perfectly reduced to size for your your fur bae. We’re going to hope they take custom orders.

For now, the campaign features two pieces: the wood-framed “feline sofa” by Hiromatsu Furniture, and cat bed made by Tateno Mokuzai.  The items are actually available for sale and will be displayed in the region’s tourist center.

Perhaps only a piece of furniture designed at this expert level would be enough to deter your cat from using anything but the bed you bought them to sleep on. If you’re intrigued by these feline friendly minis, have a look at kitties using them below:

To learn more about the Okawa City “crasftman MADE” campaign, take a look here.