Get Leashed’s Favorite Pet Halloween Costumes Of 2017

Whether your pet was flawless or spoopy, we wanted to see them all!

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @mollythenewfie


It is the day after Halloween and as we pass by the lingering decorations, we rush to social media to see everyone else’s crazy and adorable costumes. Stepping over the fake cobweb on my way to work, I go on a liking spree of all the pets on my Instagram who I don’t know personally, because their outfits are just so intricate and detailed. I applaud the humans who took the challenge to put their tiny or giant dogs in the strangest articles of clothing.

Credit: Instagram / @lifeofvi

We had our classics – cowboys, hot dogs, tacos, superheroes, pumpkins and this year’s favorite: Georgie from It! Gangs of dogs matched with their humans and awaited the mass of trick or treaters!

Here are more of our favorite pet costumes of 2017!


Credit: Instagram / @adventuresofpaddingtonpup


The fluffiest and friendliest and fun-sized pup was all ready to greet you at the door and give you the best sweets that he probably stole from an unsuspecting neighbor!


Credit: Instagram / @konabears

We’ve got two little Gremlins in our midst! According to a fandom Wikia, Gizmo’s cuteness rating is 10/10. Kona beat him by 2 points and a boop!

Some of our favorites came in twos.


Credit: Instagram / @eggonogthebulldog


Let it go, let it gooooo – the two Christmas princesses Igloo and Eggnog the Bulldogs don on the chilliest Disney Queen and her sidekick Olaf. Eggnog is not so thrilled that she doesn’t get to be Elsa, but we think she’s just so cute as Olaf!


Credit: Instagram / @maymothedog

The forecast for next week is cloudy with a chance of Beagle. However, when the clouds drift away, we have some hot and Beagly sunshine!


Credit: Instagram / @harlowandsage


What’s that crawling across the wall? Oh why, it’s two itsy bitsy spider-weenies! We guess that they’re cute enough to run around … for now!


Credit: Instagram / @tmistick

Are you a real dog mom if you don’t match with your dog on Halloween? (Yes, you are.) But we love Tory and Lucy’s take on the Wizard of Oz! Lucy is probably more fearless than the original lion.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my …pumpkin?


Credit: Instagram / @itsdougthepug


Our favorite Instagram famous Pug surrounded himself with all the jack-o-lanterns he could find. The best part is the spooooky face on his tummy!


Credit: Instagram / @codenamefluff

Boo! It’s hard to be this cute and be scary. This Samoyed / Pumpkin hybrid probably spent most of Halloween trying to get as many pats as she could!


Credit: Instagram / @88kncorbett


Does your gang come together like the Corbett gang? We didn’t think so – there is no messing with this clique. (We’d watch out for the tiny kitty!)

The Aussie / Newfie family of Green Valley comes close to beating the Corbett gang.


Credit: Instagram / @greenvalleyaussies

Scarecrow? Check! Tin Man? Check! Cowardly Lion? Fluffy check! Wicked Witch of the West? – Furry check! The list goes on, but this family nailed it! They’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.


Credit: Instagram / @mwardjr

Next up are Michael Jr. and his Fairly Odd Huskies! These Huskies are totally in character – Wanda’s got all the seriousness in the group!


Credit: Instagram / @pugloulou

Back to regular cuteness – we’ve got Lou Lou the Pug in her gorgeous mermaid outfit. She now has a better excuse to sit longer since she can’t use her hind legs in this outfit (oh well!!)


Credit: Instagram / @tequierotaco

Do you think this Chihuahua is a monkey or a bear? I’m having a hard time deciding. Either way, we think he’s totally cute!


Credit: Instagram / @mynameismumford

We don’t know how this photo of a mop got in here … #oops

Let’s see your spoopy pets in the comments!