Luxury Cat Brand Cheshire & Wain Teams Up With Choupette’s Diary

Because Every Walk Is A Catwalk

By The Get Leashed Goods Team

Every stylish lady has an LBD in her repertoire, and now the world’s most fashionable cat is starting a new trend: the LBC.

Cheshire & Wain, the British luxury cat brand, has teamed up with Choupette’s Diary to create the Little Blue Collar for fashionable cats. Choupette, the ragdoll cat who is Karl Lagerfeld’s pride and joy, has 106 thousand devoted Instagram followers, and is a force to be reckoned with in fashion.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

Like the Beluga Luxury Cat Collar collection, Cheshire & Wain has spared no detail in creating this stunning and functional piece for pampered pussycats.

The LBC is made from sumptuous, blue Italian leather, matching Choupette’s signature ragdoll eyes, and is lined in pure white suede.

Because safety is paramount for any pet product, the collar also features a high-quality breakway buckle, just in case kitties get into some mischief.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

Choose from a Blue Gem or Pearl collar charm to complete your cat’s look with an extra touch of glamour.

This limited-edition collar also comes in a high fashion tin, which can double as storage for treats, nip, or diamonds, as suggested by the collaborators.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

Why Choupette?

The founder of Cheshire & Wain, Sonja Farrell comments: “Choupette embodies luxury cat lifestyle and who better to look to for inspiration when it came to designing our latest collection. We adore Ashley’s (creator of Choupette’s diary account) daily dose of Choupette’s luxe lifestyle and have loved collaborating with her for this piece of ‘cature’, which we believe is deserving of her royal kitty-ness’ approval.”

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

Choupette’s Diary’s Ashley Tschudin adds: “Choupette is the number one fashion feline idol and it seemed fitting to bring her persona to life so the everyday kitty can enjoy her kind of luxury lifestyle. With their premium designs for pussycats with high standards, Cheshire & Wain was the obvious choice to work with and I could not be more excited to share our work with Choupette’s global fans. Humans have the LBD, now cats can have a LBC – Little Blue Collar, inspired by and deserving of the fabulous Choupette.”

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

If you want to get your pretty kitty something equally pretty, don’t take a catnap – this collar is limited edition and likely to sell out. Priced at $80 USD and available exclusively at, with gems priced at $20 USD, this collar is a purrfect present for a pampered pet.

Photo: Cheshire & Wain

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