The American Kennel Club Raises Funds To Support Domestic Abuse Victims And Their Pets


The AKC states that:

“Over 70 percent of victims have admitted that their abuser either injured, threatened, or killed their family pet.”

“Between 18 to 48 percent of victims of domestic violence delay leaving their batterer out of fear for the welfare of their pets.”


The AKC hopes to raise $50 000 to fund pet-friendly shelters for battered victims. As of right now, most shelters cannot accommodate pets and in turn, victims face another obstacle in leaving an awful situation with few opportunities to escape and protect their pets.

Some shelters note that from 10-15% of inquiring calls ask about pet accommodation. We hope that one day, this is a non-issue and that not seeking shelter is a decision no pet owner should ever be faced with.


Credit: Facebook / Connor and Millie’s Dog Rescue CMDR

Earlier this year, there was a story of an abandoned puppy at an airport. His human had to leave him to escape her partner. This is just one of the few and sad options victims of domestic abuse have with their pets.


To many people, our pets are our children. And if there are pets AND children involved, all are subject to the domestic abuse in various forms.

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