7 Dangers That Could Harm Your Dog This Fall

Be Aware And Keep Your Fur Baby Safe

By Catalina Barrios

Fall can be a dog’s favorite season

I can say fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love spending hours outside with my dog laying on the grass or even taking a nap in a hammock. I love seeing the leaves change and this means Christmas is coming soon. Yes! I love Christmas; I am that person counting the hours, minutes, and seconds for that special time of the year.


During the summer, we try to keep ourselves and our family, including our dogs, cool. We make sure our furry friends are always hydrated. When the chillier weather rolls in, we have to adapt to the changes that accompany it and be extra sure to keep an eye out for seasonal dangers.


Here are 7 fall dangers your dog should avoid:

1. Antifreeze


This is something that will always be in your vehicle during fall and winter. Make sure this additive is far away from your dog, as only a couple of teaspoons can be toxic. Dogs and cats are attracted to the sweet taste of ethylene glycol which makes it all the more important to keep this item stored in a high place, well out of reach of pets or children. If your dog can easily access the trunk of your vehicle (like in a hatchback or SUV), take extra precaution and store your in-car supply in a large tupperware bin that clicks shut.

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