How Can Your Dog Influence Your Relationships And Dating Life?

Having a dog can be positive in so many ways.

By Catalina Barrios


Another reason to have a dog (or another) in your life – improve your relationships!

What would your life be without having your dog, without having your furry friend by your side? I can’t imagine my life without having a dog. The happiness a dog brings to my life is indescribable. Dogs makes us feel less lonely and stressed. The time we spend with them is amazing and it goes by very fast.


Most of the time I walk with my dog, I get approached by adults and kids to pet him. My dog is a people-meeting magnet. Will my dog help me get a date? It will be interesting to find out.

According to a study, dogs not only make people more attractive to the opposite sex but also women were less likely to date someone who mentioned they didn’t like pets!

Could you date a non-animal lover?

shutterstock_573748435 results showed pets up the chance of attraction!

Around 1,200 people who registered with online dating site,, were surveyed. Participants completed a questionnaire asking how pets influenced their dating life.

What were the results? …


35% of women and 26% of men said they were more attracted to someone if they owned a pet.

I thinks guys look cuter when they have a dog by their side; it is like the dog giving the owner a magical touch.

It turns out, size (of the dog) may matter in dating

The study mentioned that about 28% of men said they were turned-off if their date’s pet could fit in her purse. So according to the study, bigger may actually be better (when it comes to attracting a guy with a pet, at least).

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