Can You Guess How Many Dog Breeds Are Native To Japan?

Here’s a little bit more about the 7 native Japanese breeds!

1. Shiba Inu


Shibas are a pretty popular breed.

In 2015, they were the 46th most popular breed in America according to MentalFloss. Shiba-Inu translates to “brushwood dog” which is rumored to come from their ability to run through, well, brush and thick grass. They’re loyal, but dramatic and can scream very loudly, almost humanly when upset. We also can’t dispute the fact that they became popular after becoming a meme!

There are three Japanese words that describe the Shiba – Kan-I (alertness and bravery, Ryosei (good natured, loyal, and obedient), and Sobuku (their good looks).

2. Akita-Inu


The Akita is like the other Spitz dogs, but it is much larger than the others. In the Second World War, soldiers would hunt them for their warm coats and almost lead them to extinction. Akitas are powerful, dignified, courageous, alert, and devoted. All of this combined – they are very territorial and do not like strangers. However, if you socialize your Akita a lot, it might ease their sensitivity. They are also known to grab your wrist with their mouths. They’re not trying to hurt you, but show you that they love you! Also note that they will chase other pets and children and try not to stare at them for too long (they will react aggressively).

3. Hokkaido Ken


Have you ever heard of this breed?

The Hokkaido Ken comes in several colors – white, red, black, brindle, sesame, and wolf grey. So if you like variety, you can choose your favorite! However, Hokkaido Ken puppies range from $400-$500 USD. They are known to be hunters and can attack a Hokkaido Brown Bear! They also don’t like strangers and will probably chase them away if they don’t socialize them enough.

4. Shikoku Inu


The Shikoku Inu is similar to the Shiba, but a little larger, more wolfish, and more alert. Like the other dogs, Shikokus are loyal, cautious, brave, and highly energetic. If you want a lazy dog, we wouldn’t recommend the Shikoku Inu because they love to run! Also, be wary if you have other small pets, Shikoku Inu dogs may (probably) hunt them.

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