Supermodel Kate Moss Gets A New Furry Friend!

The puppy is only a few weeks old but already has a fabulous lifestyle.

By Justyne Yuen-Lee


Credit: Instagram / @katemosslatest

The newest member of the Kate Moss Agency family can fit in a tiny tote bag comfortably. This little Papllion pup joined Kate on a trip to the pet store and got a cozy and fluffy dog bed. With the puppy in one arm and the dog bed in the other, Kate Moss looked as glamorous as ever even though it was just a trip to the store. We don’t know the name of the pupper, but we look forward to more photos! Hopefully, the pupper inspires more looks and even participates in future runway looks.


Credit: Instagram / @katemosslatest

It’s hard being that tiny, but the perk is that you can be wrapped up and close to your new mom in her expensive scarf!


Credit: Instagram / @katemosslatest

This is just a puppy, but already has the perks of having an assistant! The assistant’s role for the puppy is to coddle and make sure the puppy doesn’t get too scared of all the city sounds.

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